Long Night and Lots of Thoughts!

Hey bloggers, I had quite a bit happen to me in this past week.  I have been looking at places and not to jinx it but think I have found a place.  I have decided I am moving to Wisconsin as all in all it is a better thing to do.  This week has been very tolling for a couple of reasons.  The main reason is all the love I am getting that you just take for granted.  Let me explain…  So at work I work really hard and at the same time try to have a fun time at my job.  Well I have at least 4 to 6 people who are making it very hard to leave.  I really am thinking as the days go by will we stay in contact will we go our separate ways, I guess time will tell.  Even when the night could not possibly go worse it’s these people who make it fun to the point where you might have a billion things to do, but you have fun getting them done. As I don’t want to say names I love those people at work and always will.

Today I was cleaning my apartment and was just getting hit with memory after memory.  My lease ends July 24th and my whole life is gonna change.  I will get to live with my parents gain enough money and a proper transfer to be able to get to Wisconsin to be with Teisha.  Why I say it’s a long night is I have been working all night on the apartment and its a crazy mess.  Today I went to my landlord and just started bawling my eyes out with tears.  I just could not stop crying for a bit there.  I have known and learned to love this land lord and all she has done for me.  She does not care bout me being an AB at all she just loves me.  She really is almost another mom to me.  As I type this I start to tear up and look at how scatter brained this blog is(LOL).  I have a lot of support I will be leaving in Iowa and its going to be hard but it’s for the best and I hope it leads to better things.  I do wish a certain 3 people would transfer work with me but that cannot happen.

As far as Cat and Nathaniel go the key to me being sane and being there for me, I think that going to be one of the hardest.  First off Nathaniel, this dude has been with me through the shows through the before I even was so open.  Yes he makes fun of me but in a loving way and god I will miss him.  For heavens sake he made my high chair.

Then there is Cat, oh Cat.  She and I have known each other quit well for many years.  Through the good and bad we have stuck together as friends.  Even when we were going out people asked us if we were brother and sister a ton, and you know what now that I found that we were not meant to be she will always be a sister to me.  My one hope for her is she starts being truthful to the people she loves.  I just want to see her happy in what ever she does, and not have to hide with lies like she has.  I know she will read this and I hope she does.

Lastly my family.  My Dad has been there for me even when we have had differences he has always tried to understand, and even help me out more than I deserve at times.  I have learned that though we might not think alike at times that in the end no matter what I say do or believe in he will always be with me 100% of the way.  My mom, though I don’t show it that much I love her to death.  She may not understand me now and may never will but its gonna hurt not to see her.  She may be crazy but in the end I love her.  My sister, again I don’t show love to her as much as a should either.  Stuff happened with her awhile back that has made it very hard, and no matter what anyone says I can’t help but blame myself a little bit.

I am not leaving Iowa quite yet and it is yanking my heart like no other.  At the same time there is so much opportunities in Wisconsin.  Teisha met me off my blog after just dreaming about being my mommy.  She watched the show with her mom and even admitted to her that she wanted that.  Out of all the families that reached out to me she was not one of them and for that I think its special.  We have had a hell of a relationship so far and it just gets deeper and deeper.  I have to thank from the bottom of my heart her best friend who I will not name but she probably saved our relationship over all with here awesome idea.  So when I went searching for a family I found more than that.  I was not planning on falling in love with someone again as it had been a 6yr break up.  Despite what she says of how she looks compared to others I’ve dated or how we are so different or any of that I know in my heart that once we get to see each other more and have fun we will be forever together.  I have had many people baby me and treat me as I feel to be treated but for some reason Teisha really knows her stuff and out of everyone is a VERY good mommy ANNNNNNNNNNNND girl friend.  People ask me, are you really making this trip for her only, and you want to know the answer.  Yes I am, is it risky, yes.  Is it leaving a lot of things behind including a job that I feel right in, yes.  At the end of the day though as I told Teisha you have to take risk to get anywhere in life, if you don’t take risk you could watch the things you love most pass you by.

Sorry for the long post, but during this I have cried like a baby.  I love everyone in Iowa, but I need a fresh start and I love Teisha and everything she brings to the table, I really think her and I were meant to meet each other and all this stuff was supposed to happen.

(sorry no pictures just thoughts.)

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Wisconsin it is!!!!

Well first off I want to apologise once again for not writing a lot. Between my home life and my work life it has been very very hectic.  So here’s what has been going on in my life since I last wrote in here.

Lets start with the home life.  I have a crazy crazy home life right now.  It all started when my X cat and my best friend Nathaniel told me they wanted to move in with each other.  At first I was not bothered by this, but then I found out it was going to be 60 miles away from where Nathaniel works to have it better suited for Cat.  One thing you have to realize is that between Cat and Nathaniel they have probably kept me sane.  I can be who I want around the apartment and not have to worry about judgement or anything.  Us three have and I hope will always be good friends.

hanging in my crib and my cat attacked me

The other part to this is about me and Teisha.  We were trying to figure out Iowa or Wisconsin, and it was making a lot of heartache and missing each other.  There was one point where I thought we were done because of what was happening.  So two weeks ago I was freaking out because I didn’t know what was going to happen.  My roommates are leaving and I was gonna be with strangers.  This is where Teisha’s best friend who I will not name talked with Teisha and probably saved our relationship.  We finally figured out that Wisconsin was going to be best suited because I really just need a new life.  Away from the drama I call Iowa.  So this next 4 months is going to be interesting.  Why I say that is because Teisha and I plan to get me moved out in 4 months to Wisconsin, transferred jobs and everything.  Even today she is looking at places for me close to where she lives.  So with all that said it has been a rollercoaster.  I frankly now don’t care as much as I did about Cat and Nathaniel living with each other.  I do have to wonder though what or how this benefits Nathaniel at all, as he will be moving 60 miles away from where he works to live with Cat instead of being in the same town, but hey I guess its his life.

Well that is the home side to my massacre of life, now for the work part.  I don’t want to say much but it can be very stressful at times.  I am going to end this kinda quick as really not too much on my mind other than this crazy couple of months ahead of me.  The toughest part about leaving Iowa is going to be leaving my friends and family, but hey you need to take risk to get anywhere in life and I need to see what is out there.  I will be sure to write in the next week if I can, it has been more than crazy and there is so much more I want to say but I will leave that for another time.


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Oooooook Here we go!

So first off I want to apologise for not writing for quite sometime.  I did this for 2 reasons.  First is that I wanted to keep the main story the Dr.Phil one while people wondered on here, so they could get a glimpse of what was happening, and two I have been an emotional roller coaster.  Let me explain, so Teisha and I for the past month have been bouncing back and forth where we are going to live.  We would do this to the point some days of where it just made us sad that we were so far from each other.  We both realized that one of us would have to move sooner or later.

This is what Teisha says my Paci is, it makes sense lol

The fact of it is that I am stuck in Iowa till at least August.  We actually went through all the scenarios and were really just trying to figure out what we should do.  It has come to the point where we have figured out that Iowa seems better suited as of right now.  As of now we are trying to figure out the best transition to getting into Iowa.  I will need to make a trip up to Wisconsin to meet her mom, which should be interesting.  As of right now Iowa is looking like the winner.  This could change tomorrow who knows.

As of the rest of my life, I really have just tried to go one day at a time.  I have been fishing a lot lately with my friends and just really don’t have a schedule down for anything.  I feel that I am getting lost in a limbo right now, waiting to get out.  I have decided I am probably going to try to get some of my baby schedule back into play.  How to do this without another person is going to be interesting but I will talk with Teisha bout that later when she feels better.

Something I did not say right away is that Teisha came to see me again couple weeks ago.  It went better than the first time, we had a lot of fun, even if I had to work some.  I could go into detail but only people who would like that are me and her.  We basically cuddled watched movies, talked, got babied and a lot more.  This time when she left I just wanted to sneak back to Wisconsin with her, but knew I could not do that.  I really would like to figure this out sooner than later, because let me tell ya long distance SUCKS!!  I went searching for a family to take care of me feed me, change me, let me do what I wanted.  In the end it looks like I fell in love again and now have a GF/Mommy.  This is nuts and crazy and so many emotions go through my body I just almost can’t put my head around it.  I did a radio interview today for 97X WSUN, (www.97xonline.com) and it was pretty fun.  They were down to earth people and it was a lot of questions in not so much time.  If people do have more questions or if those guys had more, I would love to answer them.  My goal is to get to that point in my life where I am loving every moment.  I swear I am close, just need to work and wait a little longer.  Good things happen to people who wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Dr.Phil Follow up here we go…..

Ok I am going to guess that a lot of people hit this site again, as they found it the first time with no problem.  I am going to try to keep this short as I just got off a very long rough shift at work.



I welcome everyone, yes I did a follow-up episode and I think it will be pretty good.  If its your first time on this site and your curious just look around it’s basically my life on paper from day 1.  I got asked to do a follow-up and my first response was not sure, but then decided that yes my name is already out there from first show, might as well continue as I really only had positive happen to me, and even the negative was really positive.  I will write more after the show airs on how stuff is going in my life, or you can take a sneak peek if you would like as a lot happens in 4 months of that show airing.  Anyways, that’s it for now I am tired need some rest before the show, hope it turned out well.

As a last thing here is my email so, if you feel you need to comment, I welcome it also under my email will be the daddy who is on the shows email.  Well its time for bed Night.

My email: toon_lord322@yahoo.com

Bills email: diaperbabyboy2000@yahoo.com

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1Sided I Think Not…..

I have so many feelings and just don’t know where to start.  Teisha and I met off this current blog through a friend I know in Iowa.  As in the last post I showed what she wrote.  After we started talking on the phone it was amazing.  You might be thinking that she baby talks me on the phone and I respond back.  Well that is not the case, it is actually very intellectually smart conversations.  I told her if I were my baby me on the phone, either the phone would end up flying across the room or in my mouth.  Many adult babies as both Teisha and I discussed can do that phone mommy baby talk, but I cannot.  We have both agreed I have a higher level of infantilism then a lot of other people.  Last night we really talked about a ton of stuff and it was a soft subject but needed to be heard.  Now a lot of people only see this blog with us together.  Some people who are closer in our lives know that there is more to it then just what I say on this blog.  I have not used her name until now because of the respect I hold for her, and wanted to make sure that she was ready.


A lot of people when they look at this blog see that I only want her for a mommy.  To be honest when I first was looking for families I was not looking for love of a girl friend.  I was looking for love of someone adopting me.  When Teisha and I talk on the phone and meet in person and everything else, feelings have developed over this short time where we are both falling for each other head over heels.  I have fallen in love with this person in such a short time.  Now people have said they think this is a one-sided relationship and a Cat relationship all over again.  Let me tell ya what is different.  For one Cat did a lot of that stuff out of the love for me and guilt she felt for cheating on me.  Teisha on the other hand loves doing that stuff and gets just as much out of being a mommy for an adult baby as I do being the baby.  She has said many times she never sees wanting a real baby but an adult baby instead

Now people might find this weird that she needs help or something but its all in the great cycle of ABDL’s, let me explain.  From my research and this is totally my opinions and no one elses.  I have learned that AB’s really don’t ever grow up, and will always have that desire to be young again, and for some people like me can actually get to that point.  DL’s or Diaper Lovers, the diaper fetish are a little different.  Some in my eyes grow up, they still like diapers and usually can’t hide it to well, but when they grow up they find they want to care for a baby, but not a baby but an adult baby.  I have done my research and out of the 15 families that wanted to take me on, 10 were in some sort of DL state.  So it really is nice that once people are ok with themselves that they have a partner out there waiting.  Another reason this is not one-sided we don’t just do what I want to do.  With Cat this was the same way, but Cat felt that she was doing too much with that baby thing and it wasnt enough in return.  When she was here last we cuddled watched movies went out to eat and just talked.  If she would want to go to some show I would have gone with her in an instant.  I love her more than just a mommy to me now.  We both are trying to figure out what to do and how to do it.  I have a decent job with lots of opportunities but is it enough to want to go day in day out waiting for that time.  I can technically transfer with my job in 5 more months, but that 5 months is killer.

On another note I have the Dr.Phil follow up airing Friday of this week at 3:00PM Central time.  This I am not to worried about.  I have already done it once and I am ready for the gobs of emails and such.  Maybe this show will have as much impact as the last one did, who knows.  I will post another entry in 2 days to get ready for the show, but for now this is it.  I love you Teisha and I don’t care what anyone says or thinks, because at the end of the day the only ones that should care are you and me.

If you feel you want to email me toon_lord322@yahoo.com

Take care 🙂

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4 Days Of Heaven!!!!!!!(Warning this post is huge)

Well in my last blog I posted that my new Mommy was going to come out and see me.  She flaked once before, so a lot of people were apprehensive if she was going to come.  She has a fear of driving long distances, but that did not stop her this weekend.  After 6 long hours in the car, and me starting to worry she made it to my house, around noonish.  I had actually went out to go meet her, and there was my land lord hanging outside.  The first question she asked was when this new mommy was coming to see me.  my answer was, in 10 minutes.  So she waited out there with me, and all of a sudden we saw her car, and a big smile on her face.  After she called her mom to make sure she wasnt freaked out too much, she met my landlord of 6 years.  Well my landlord is a very loving person, and she gave me the best.  So off to the house we went.  I showed her the living room the game room and then came the nursery…….  It had thrown her back, it was such a surreal experience.

So after she was done figuring out this was real I decided to go to McDonald’s because I was hungry.  You all have to remember I work the night-time so I am going on over 24 hours no sleep.  So we get to McDonald’s and her and I were talking about random people coming up to me or waving and such.  I told her that it happens more than you would think.  Back in Wisconsin when we hung out we had that one person wave and smile at me.  Well so back to the story, we are at McDonald’s and go figure the first thing out of the persons mouth is, “Elmo is back.”  She starts asking me all these questions like what my age was, so me being me I said, 2ish around 18 months.  Then I told her my actual age.  her manager asked if I was wearing an Elmo shirt which actually I was wearing a Winnie the Pooh onesie.  She called me and equal opportunity employer.  So now that this one lady was being very loud and knowing who I am she has the whole place asking me questions and such.  She even asked if my new mommy was my sister, since she wasnt on the show with me, and a lot of people don’t know Cat and I broke up.  So was does my new mommy do in all of this.  she gets nervous and walks away, which was not to uncommon as its very surreal that it was happening.  So finally we get out food and sit down.  We both have this connection like one person completes the other persons puzzle connection.  We talk for a bit, and I was like, wow do I choose the wrong places to go.  In the end this was a good experience for her to have as I get it at least 3 times a week.

This is the onesie I greeted her in, and the one that the Mcdonalds people saw.

Well now it is about 1 PM and I was falling asleep.  So she gets me all ready for bed.  She got me a new dry diaper a nice onesie and shows me my gifts she got me.  First she shows me the bag, which looks like she is going to a baby shower.  She first pulls out a baby blanket.  Not any baby blanket, but not just any baby blanket.  This baby blanket had a monkey rattle and has to be the most comfy blanket I have ever felt in my life.  As you can see in this pick its a very cute design with animals and such.  After that she pulled out a new pacifier for me.  It said, “I Love Mommy.”  Lastly she got me a new bubble machine, which is a lot of fun.  So after she gives me all that she gives me my new pacifier and I am off to bed.  Well not bed….. tucked into my crib.  So after 3 hours I get up and we go have lunch with my best friends Nathaniel and Cat.  Well before that she checks me and changes me again, and puts me into another onesie.  Before she even gets that far she is introduced to my clothes closet, which was a mess.  She gives me a bath, and asked me where everything was at, which I really had no idea because it had been 5 months since I took a bath, since I was forced into taking showers.  So after we find some toys she finds out that baby Brett really doesn’t like bath time.  After that we were off to the closet to find some clothes.  So after she found at least 7 onesies she liked she put me in my baby toys onesie with rocking horses.

Bubble machine she got me LOOK AT THE BUBBLES!!!

The gift bag she got for me, so cute!!!

After work we decide to go to IHOP for some breakfast.  We both were sold with chicken and waffles.  This has to be the most amazing combination ever.  After a very nice meal we go off to get me ny nyte, because she could tell I was really tired.  We get home she does her mommy thing and checks me changes me, tosses me into a different onesie and gets me ready for bed.  After my sleep she finds the room not smelling to nice and she had evidently been talking with my friends the whole day.  She goes out of the room and tells everyone bretts up but he stinks so it will be a bit.  What do my friends respond like other than, he always stinks.  Cat responded with, “lol now its your turn have fun!”  Well the thing that is different about Cat and this Mommy is that she loves this and wants this.  So after a change we go for a bath, and get me ready for the day.

num num num!!!!!

She had went to the store to get me some baby food and some other stuff.  Sadly my stomach is weak to some baby food.  She tried baby corn, and well that didn’t work to well, so after being a little sick and telling her I just can’t stomach some baby food.  She gives me the rest of my baby meal.  I have to say this has to be the cleanest meal I had ever had in my high chair.  She literally held the plate away from me and made it basically very hard to make a mess at all, since she had just cleaned me up and put me in a new onesie.  I still managed to get a bit messy but 100X less messy in general.

Sadly no highchair photos this time, but here's me in a onesie with my new blanket and my new pacifier 🙂

After my baby meal, which consists of baby noodles and apple sauce, she took me out to my friends in just a onesie.  She was in shock that they really did not care at all.  We got a movie to watch and she cooked a very awesome spaghetti thingy.  After the movie I had to get ready for work again and it will have already been 2 days together.  Every time I would go to work I would go nuts and want to be home more than ever.  Tomorrow would be a little different as she would get to meet my family.  Well she tucked me in to go to bed.  She had a very good routine down.  Well she took advantage of me being asleep and asked if she could hang out with my sister with out me, and of course I said yes because I was asleep.  After I woke up we got me changed and played a bit.  We then put me in her favorite shirt which is the cookie monster one that says, “Num Num Num.”  I told her if my family doesn’t scare you away then we should be good.  around 6 my dad picks us up, and we go to Okoboji Grill.  It was amazing my dad sister were connecting so well with my new mommy.  My actual mother was still a little sketchy about everything asking questions to her about will I ever grow out of this and such.  I of course was very talkative and loving that my family was loving my new mommy.  So after a good dinner, my dad had to show my new mommy ISU and such.  So we went around all of ISU.  My dad looked really happy that this person was way more accepting and didn’t care at all then a lot of other people had been.

So we get back around 8:30 and my friend Nathaniel was waiting since the time I told him was wrong to come over.  He gets there then finds out he has to pick up Cat from work.  We start cuddling and start to watch the movie Deathrace.  We play for a bit then I get a text wondering if I wanted to go to AppleBee’s to hang out.  I asked and she said sure.  It was amazing, as weird as this sounds she wanted me to be in my baby state as much as possible.  So before we left she checked changed me, and we had a moment where we kept falling more and more for each other.  So we go to AppleBee’s and I finally get to meet this friend of Cats that seemed interesting.  So we sit down and I didn’t have too much time so I was wanting boneless wings.  It got to late and I didn’t get my boneless wings, but I can get them when ever so not to mad.  I had my Xmanager and friend meet my new mommy.  He seemed very happy that I had found someone for me.  I even got to see my Xroomate, I gave him a hug.  Then I saw another Xmanager which I thought we were cool, but I guess not, because I went up there and he was very cold to me.  Maybe he was just having a bad day I don’t know.

So after that I had to get to work.  After work it was now Monday and she was going to have to leave pretty soon.  I was not going to go to sleep until she left.  We decided to not get breakfast and just wait for lunch.  We hung out wishing this time would never stop.  We ended up going to Hickory park again.  She got me in another cute onesie and I put my Elmo jacket over it and some sweat pants.  We get there and she asks me why I always put my jacket over my onesies or baby clothes.  She thought I get embarrassed and that I wasn’t that open to just go in my onesie and sweat pants.  I actually told her the truth, that I felt it was embarrassing for others.  So she dared me to take my coat off and hang is just my onesie and sweat pants.  I was like well if you don’t care then I don’t care and off my coat went.  So here I am in a onesie that you could definitely tell was a onesie and sweatpants.  Was I embarrassed, no I was not.  I had never had a person actually ask me to do that and not care about it.  So now I had fallen even more.

Rocking it up in a onesie at at lunch OOOOOO ya!!!!


We get home from lunch and we cuddle and I get her in my crib with me.  She does have a little AB in her and was loving every minute of it.  I even locked it so she got the full effect of being in a crib.  What she didn’t know was my hidden agenda.  I actually jumped over the crib and got a nice couple camera shots of her in the crib.  It was cute and funny.  After that I went back into the crib and we cuddled not wanting this to ever end.  Sadly it had to, and with one last diaper change and playing a little more she had to pack up and leave.  As she left I knew that she had hit my heart hard and I had done the same.

Mommy getting ready for one last change before she leaves 😦

This is when I jumped out and took a picture!

When I saw her car pulling away I had to turn away as I started crying, I really have to figure some stuff out in the months to come.  Lucky my friends are always there for me and love me.  So that is my last week.  It was insane and almost unreal.  I went searching for a person or family to take care of me when Cat left.  I had many families reach out to me and the one person that doesn’t reach out at all.  The one who says good luck, and I will post what she said on my blog, what really started all of this.  It wasn’t her asking to try her out, she had just told me good luck.  Now we have hit a level of happiness I have not felt in a while.

(This is what she commented)


yes choosing AB parents can be tough just make u choose carefully im 27 and i have been a mommy since i was 18. Make sure the connection is genuine and real and sinciere, I know when i meet babies in real life i have to make sure there heart is in it b/c I want a real baby! a baby who can regress and and just let me take over and nurture! be carefull and be safe in who choose!  Even though the choice is hard im sure u are SOOO EXCITED!!! good luck mommie

ps if u ever need a mommie friend dont be shy!!!  I love helping other ABs and DLs!

She asked me today why I missed her, was it because I had to change myself.  Or was it because I had no one to clean up my messes, or feed me or any of the other things that come along with being a baby.  My response was this,  “No, quit worrying I miss you for a billion reasons.  To be honest you just felt like that piece of the puzzle that completes me.”  I really do believe that with all my heart.  I really had a time that I had never thought I would feel something far past what I have felt before.  The big issue is one of us lives in Iowa and one in Wisconsin.  One of us is going to break down and move.  Who it will be we will see.  She sees from coming out here that my support group in Iowa is beyond strong and that my friends really love me.  Anyways I am sorry for the book but that is what has happened and its life changing.  I will leave you guys with this.  If you have a dream, reach for it and don’t let anything or anyone in your way.

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Hmmm next couple weeks should be interesting?!

So life has turned out to become very interesting.  I have had my new job for 2 weeks and think its going well.  I really like the change of pace, and how much stuff I have to do in one night, it really does keep me busy.  Flip side of all this I have been trying to learn a new sleep schedule, since I work the vampire shift.  This has become to be pretty crazy in other ways also.  I usually get home around 9 just in time for Sesame Street, then I fall asleep.  One thing I have found and I don’t know if my bosses like this is, once I am there I am in the zone until they have to basically force me to leave.  I have so much OT have to cut every day, I just need to learn when to go.

Now people are probably wondering why I touched on my new job and everything.  Well right now it is a big part of my life, and really makes me re adjust things I do around the house.  Right now I am alone in my efforts of being happy at home.  I have decided against baby sitters for now, so I don’t have a jealous mommy.  This brings me to another thing going on.  This girl and I have kicked it off well, as you can tell from my other blogs.  I have basically declined any babysitting for me and or families that wanted to adopt me.  I really think her and I were meant for each other.  Well this finally brings me to why next couple weeks are going to be interesting.

Sometime at 5AM she is going to drive out here to meet me, and the whole baby me, in my zone.  She is going to meet my best friend Nathaniel, and my other best friend Cat.  She also is going to meet my family and probably some of my co-workers.  I really hope that this experience goes good and she isn’t to shy.  As I write this I already know she will be reading it in the next couple hours after the gym.  I want to share with her what it will be like if she chooses to adopt me.  I can say first hand I am a handful, but she also has a lot of AB experience as a mommy.  She has told me she is not used to a AB that is so open and has so much time and experience as a baby.

My first hope is I don’t scare her away.  My second hope is my friends don’t scare her away, and there is always family being scary too…..  So I know a lot of people are going to read this including Cat, and my parents so please don’t scare her.  🙂

I preparation for her coming out I have had these decals that I have wanted to put up for quite some time.  So finally one night before work I got to it.  I have to say I think they look pretty neat.  I had only enough for 3 sets of places so I chose above my high chair, by my crib, and the middle of the room.  I have to say I am not a very nervous person.  If you ever saw me I am a very laid back person that sometimes is to laid back.

So ya that weekend is going to come and I hope it is all I ever wanted and that I have maybe found the person for me.  On an adult level we click so good, and she was talking that she usually meets her babies in baby on the phone and such.  I told her that I would end up either throwing the phone or chewing on it.  Maybe that is for some but for me its the real deal or go home.

So that’s whats been going on with me, and you can BET that after this weekend whether it good or bad you will see a post of what is going on.  I do want to end this with something kinda different but still in the same category.  I have told people I am full AB and not DL(diaper lover) at all.  Well for the most part this is true but I have to say ABU (www.abuniverse.com ) is now my favorite place to go for diapers.  They finally made a diaper for AB’s that has the outer cloth like feel just like the Pampers cruisers have.  So I have to say without a doubt that this company has turned in the right direction.  If I had a mommy here for me I wouldn’t worry about what type and such but untill then I have to figure that out for myself.  Anyways here are some pictures of my new decals in my room.  Untill next time, BabyBrett out!  🙂

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The Months Go By…………

As the months go by a lot of interesting things are happening in my life.  I have already talked about my journey to Wisconsin, well a lot has happened since then.  First off the new job I got in management is really fun and I can’t wait to see what I can do to improve things.  One thing a lot of people don’t get is that it is actually really hard (harder for me) then a per say normal person to go to work.  Once I get there I work hard as I ever can and usually will stay till I feel the job is done, or I am kicked out.  I think it is very important for people to love and accept me for who I am, even to the point where people can poke fun of me to the point where it’s even funny to me.  I think I have found a place I love to work at despite some of the stressful times the people are beyond awesome.  When people are looking for acceptance in anything in life they search for their friends family.  Well after a while your co workers become family too, and even though you will always have the few in your family that will never accept you, the majority will.  I believe that this is true in the workplace also.  I feel that even the people under me have fun with me to the point of a good work experience.

Second in my life is this girl I cannot get out of my head.  I will not give her name till she is comfortable with it.  She is amazing on phone in person and I can really see us going somewhere.  There is one thing in our way right now.  It’s this big 5 hour difference, and someone will have to move sooner or later.  Here is the thing, I got promoted and she got a new job about the same pay, and both in our respected fields of study.  Hers is in Wisconsin and mine is in Iowa.  Who knows what will happen because I really like where I am at, the people are amazing and that would be really hard to leave.  At the same time I see it on her view too.  Basically the same as me with friends family.  So we will see in the next 6 months to a year what exactly happens.  She is coming out to Iowa to get the whole Bubby effect(my baby side) in about 3 weeks.  I plan on making another trip up there pretty soon here.  So I have basically stopped looking for families at this moment because I truly think I have found the 1 for me.

As for my days right now I am trying to redo my time as my new job is a graveyard shift.  I think I have about got to that point and can even still watch Sesame Street in the morning.  I am me and that is never going to change no matter how many people step in my way.  I will step over them and forget them and only put myself around people who love me for the way I am.  I have my goals and if you ever knew me, I usually reach them.  As far as my career goes I am well on my way to having what I have wanted and making my family proud.  I believe you should be yourself and hide nothing, there is no reason too.

Well as I write this I need to go get ready for work, so everyone stay tuned in the next couple weeks I will write the outcome of some upcoming events.  As for pictures I will add those tomorrow when I have more time.

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Can’t believe I did it!

Well I have got back from California, even though I didn’t want to leave at all!!  When I got back I found out that I was gonna be getting promoted.  I had finally made it to management.  I was so happy about this, but at the same time this really did limit what I can do for at least awhile.  I had been talking with Oregon a lot and some others but they can’t move, I would have to move to them.  Well I have decided I need to stay in Iowa a little bit longer and see where this new job takes me.  I also still want to find that void in my life, that person that I can call mommy or daddy.  Well I really have been talking to this person in Wisconsin.  We actually started talking at least 2 hours a day if not more and 1000’s of texts.  It got to the point where we decided we wanted to meet each other.  We found out that the 6th-9th of next month she was going to drive out here.  Well me being me I took a chance.  I first asked 3 of my best friends to see if I should do it, they all said what do you have to lose. 

Well I decided I couldn’t wait to meet this person.  So after work on Sunday I went on a nice 5 hr road trip to Wisconsin.  The thing that makes this really cool is I got to see my grandparents and aunt also.  So It was about 3PM when we met.  She was so nervous it made me laugh.  I don’t get nervous too much, so I was fine.  I think she was afraid of me accepting her for who she was.  I knew right from the time I started talking to her to where were at now that her and I had a connection.  So I met her and she actually met my Grandma and Aunt too.  After that we had to figure out what we wanted to do.  I decided the mall was a good place.  So we went to the mall and talked a lot.  We were more adults on this trip than mommy/baby, since this was the first meeting. 

After the mall we were hungry and decided to go to Texas Road House.  She did feed me my Papoo(applesauce) there and it was fun.  That place is so delicious.  We talked more and I tried to get her to take me to meet her mom.  Her Mom knows a lot about me already because of the show so she wasn’t ready to see me.  As we were leaving dinner some guy was pointing at me and waving.  I did not see it but she said he recognized me.  As we were leaving we decided to go to a movie.  We went to the Hunger Games.  I will say this movie with out a doubt is one of my favorites of all times.  We got in there cuddled, she gave me my binky and I started falling asleep, so I had to take it out.  She also brought my stuffed animal Elmo toy in there so I held on to him, but that’s as far as the babying went for this trip.  We decided that she wasn’t quite ready for some of the stuff and gradually work her way into it.  As far as diaper changes go, they would have all had to be in public restroom, and we will work our way up to that.

We had a lot of fun, I found someone who is worse at navigation then I am.  This coming from a guy who went across the Mississippi River 3 times in 20 minutes. So next week she is coming out to see me.  I believe this is going to have a lot more of Baby Brett in it.  I will be in my territory and have a lot of fun things planned.  So I guess will see where this leads me who knows, but I for one am happy I took the risk.

(sorry didnt take many pics in Wisconsin, someones a lil camera shy and its not me.)

Also wanted to take this time to help a person out who has supported me in being me, so this is me supporting him for being him.  Way to GO Mallaki!!!!  This is not AB related at all, but everyone has something and this is him.

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Off to Cali!

Had a chance to go to California for business.  After the business I got to hang out in LA and was insane fun.  Cat and I walked the Hollywood walk of fame.  We saw a lot of interesting things too.  We got to go to venus beach and even help out a homeless person, giving them some of our pizza.  The next day we got to go the Manhattan beach, and had a blast.  It was really cold water, but its the ocean and when your land locked in the middle of the USA, you usually take advantage of this.

Now to add the baby stuff that went on.  Cat really doesn’t baby me anymore BUT, she still does talk to me like a baby.  Welp as always I had my diaper on and my binki by me.  I even found out that I am to big for swim diapers, which sucks, because a bit ago I could fit in them easily.  When we went to the beach I went swimming in the ocean.  The diaper its self wasn’t filling up, that is till I got hit by a huge wave.  At that time I decided I needed to get changed quick as that thing was really heavy.  When you’re a pro like me it takes less time to change then it does someone actually going to the bathroom.

So I had my swimming for the day, the water was cold and we decided to walk the beach still getting some water.  When I was all changed and such, we went back out and started walking the beach.  Me not caring what anyone thinks of me decided to get in a onesie and some snap pants.  I guess it was LA so no one even noticed, which is really funny.  We coasted the beach took a lot of pictures, and then went to world-famous Manhattan beach pizza.  Had some of that, and then walked the beach back.  I found out that LA is a place I would love to live.  People don’t care what or who you are and they just roll with it.

As for the whole other part to all of this adventure.  I have been looking for that family, and I think I am getting close in finding it.  I have basically the same connection I did with Cat with this other girl.  The one big thing that is different is she wants to care for me.  I of course need to be safe in what I do and will be.  I can’t wait to meet this person, its crazy because of the connection we have.  Now people are probably wondering you have yet to meet this person?  The answer to that is yes, I need to meet this person.  So what makes stuff different with this person then the other potential families.  Well I can’t say why yet I want to stay in Iowa, but I can say I want to now.  I have a lot of opportunities to go other places Oregon, Washington, New York, Florida, but something has changed where I think I need to stay in Iowa at least for a bit longer.  This person in Wisconsin is willing to move if we click in person as much as we click with each other over phone.  I know this all sounds crazy but you have to follow your gut, and this is what my gut tells me to do.  So I hope to see this person before the month ends and start a new journey.

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