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Well I am a 24 year or a 2 year old.  I have had a Gf that accepts me for who and what I am, we are going on 6 years.  I have decided to live life to the fullest and be happy with who I am.


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  1. Liam Miller says:

    Hi Phil

    How are you today? I was really sorry to hear about you and Cat taking a break but I’m sure everything will work out great for you. I also thought it was amazing that you have decided to speak out to help the ABDL community. I’m a features writer working for UK magazines and I think there must be thousands of ABDL community members out there in the UK who would really benefit from hearing about you too. Maybe some don’t know how to deal with their feelings and could get some real help from hearing about someone else’s experiences? Drop me and email and maybe we can have a quick chat on the phone and I can explain a bit more about it. It won’t take long.

    Take care and hope you’ve had a great weekend.


  2. Liam Miller says:

    Sure, I understand totally – it’s on 3pm Wednesday right? Shall we talk after that – Wednesday late afternoon when it finishes? What would be the best way to reach you then?

    All the best and hope you had a good weekend.


  3. Liam Miller says:

    Well that’s really selfless and brave of you, and admirable.

    We’ve worked with a number of the community before, and everything’s worked out great, so don’t worry!

    How dod you want to speak on Wednesday? Whatever way works best for you. Thanks, Liam

  4. Josh says:

    You have some of coolest baby clothes I have ever seen. Did you make then? You are brave for what you did. If I knew I would not lose my job I would do the same. My story is very much like yours. I am sure you have many friends from this now but if you want I can e mail you a e mail address

  5. Drew says:

    Hi baby brett, i’m baby drew. Thank you for your blog. I read it and feel comfort. I’m a baby in hidding. I think you are a hero for being so open about the community. You inspire me to be open and free to be me. For along time I have hated myself but know I love being a baby. Thank you for what you are doing and being you.

  6. Ricky says:

    I want to b e ur Daddy

  7. bob says:

    grow up.

  8. Daniel says:

    Greetings, from Norway!

    I saw you on dr. Phil and searched for this blog. As I have noticed you’re not in a relationship with Cat anymore, may I ask what happened? Did she not accept you the way you are? I’m struggling with something similar; telling my fiancee…

    -baby Daniel

    • babybrett says:

      I am not with Cat anymore because of relationship money problems that adults have. I am happy with her as a best friend, kinda sister like, but have moved on to better things

  9. genia says:

    I would love to talk to you. My address is below and you can instant message me.

  10. brenda says:

    GOD loves you be healed . you are loved god jer2911-12 the plans i have for you to give you a hope and a future call upon the lord listen to you seek the lord will heal you faith hope love 1cor13 dont believe the lies from the enemy blog/pastors pray for them dont loook down on baby christians ask the lord to come into your heart be lord and savior read the bible or free at local churches gen-rev the lord has over come this bret you are special to god when i found out on dr phill my heart went out to you be blessed try to take baby steps to over come this and prayer pastors and israel jeruslam blow the shofar in zion make music unto the lord b y beloved israel mineABBAholyspirit jesus loves you john316 be blessed bret i felt like this at times you are worth more then this i have adhd ocd and special needs and listen to the christiamn radio and special needs people need a hardness do to they jump or have a hard time crossing the street yet we have to grow up and its the same for you dont judge you will not be judged john316 my beloved in yeshua messiah lord pastors pray hard and blog to help

    • brenda says:

      iris helps people who have special needs in wi they willl put you on a buget to help you get your life back. office of aging and disabilities and you need to tellthem you want to go on the iris program by jesus stripes we are healed taste and see the lord is good read psalm103 http://www.hacress.com http://www.beginnersbible.com wwww.torahtots.,com ABBAJESUSAVIORYESHUAMESSIAH loves you holyspirit love joy jesus peace patience kindness goodness faithfulness gentleness selcontrol my berloved the lord loves you shalom

    • babybrett says:

      I think I am just fine the way I am thanks for your comment though 🙂

  11. Brian says:

    Brett, wish you well. Kat was an amazing girl. I think you messed up by being so ab determined. You let a good one slip away. Diapers not needed every night. Put her first. Diapers always second.

  12. Brandon says:

    Can you tell me what website(s) you went on to in order to arrange adoption and get offers to be adopted. I’m looking to be adopted. 🙂

    • babybrett says:

      What I did was go on Dailydiaper the date part of it, but ironically I found more people on FB, and it wasnt until the Dr.phil show did i really get hits. Then I got people across the world wanting me. So basically going on TV really helped me out

  13. Hello, my name is A.J.and I’am an AB also. I’am also the author of the book “A Childish Nightmare” An inside view of psychosexual infantilism. For more info go to Amarciano.com and check it out. Let me know what you think. Your thoughts on my work would mean a lot to me.

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