Sorry blogs gotta go!

Sorry blogs gotta go!

I know I havnt written on here anyways, but here is why.  I am starting a new job where I have to, as us ABs say go vanilla.  Meaning I am still out there just cant be on a blog prancing around.  I would like to thank everyone who kept me going for as long as I did.  If you want my FL account hit me up at and I will give it to ya.  Again take care and was fun, but time vanilla it up.


About babybrett

I am an Adult baby that lives my life how i want.
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3 Responses to Sorry blogs gotta go!

  1. Markey says:

    I accept your resignation sir! Good luck in your future endevors! LOL

  2. whisko says:

    we will miss you! so long and thanks for all the posts 😛

  3. Brian says:

    We miss you little one

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