Ok Well here it is!

So I said a little while ago how I was gonna basically stop this blog and did.  I had some angry people who I just ignored, and some people just wanting it back.  I do want to say that this blog will no longer be talking about my life with my GF/Mommy, instead it will be talking about stuff we may be doing together, or a trip we plan an other stuff like that.  It might even be just what I did in the baby side of me that day.

Salem chillin in the crib

So I ended up going to a big AB event, where I got to meet a lot of ABs and have fun, and really figure out you are not alone.  I already knew I wasn’t alone but it is a different feeling when you see that.  This event was set up so well and the organizers did a great job.  I am just calling it an event because I do not have permission to say other wise at this time.

Yes there is a dress there.  I am learning about compromises and if it makes my GF happy then I am willing.

Yes there is a dress there. I am learning about compromises and if it makes my GF happy then I am willing.

Anyways I got asked to speak and do a class at this event and was very happy to.  The weeks before I was kinda wondering what people would think of me.  The big thing is that, I have not really been reaching out to meet new people till Wisconsin.  So going here and meeting a bunch of people who already know me and me not knowing them was going to be interesting.  Two weeks before I went to this event I headed down to a lunch to hang with others like me.  I was afraid there to, but generally everyone was nice, and found out that I am a pretty ok guy myself.  I really clicked with a lot of the people down there, and just wish it wasnt a two-hour trip.

The days before the event were coming and I was just afraid of people not liking me.  As I was heading down to the event with a friend, I was just thinking in my head what I really was going to talk about, and to not talk to long and make sure I left time for people to Q&A me.  We get there check in, and I start meeting people I talked to online but never met in person.  When I went into the play room to see that many people like me was great.  It really does help you even when you really don’t care what people think, to see that many people was cool.

I ended up trying to introduce myself to a bunch of people, and were talking with them all on adult levels.  I was sad because my GF didn’t come to this event with me for a couple of reasons.  It was quite funny, I ended up going to a restaurant with some people I knew and one I didn’t know.  At that restaurant this person took the daddy role hardcore, and we clicked.  Before people flip out, I was pretty discreet there.  After that I knew that I would have a lot of friends after this event.  I can’t talk about what happened really at this event, because its like Vegas, what happens here stays here type thing, but I can tell you that I found out a lot of people liked babying me, but 1 in particular, we just meshed.  I can say after my class, I learned quite a bit, and I really have to say this event made my life 100% better.  I had a lot of hard deep questions to answer, and I would say I did pretty good.

Again I really could write a book on that weekend alone, but I got to see that a lot of people liked me, and a lot of people got a wrong impression off the show I was on.  So back to reality, and that has changed a bit to, I now get babied a little more and have loved my life a lot more ever since this event.  It really opened my eyes and my GF’s eyes also.

So where does this leave me now?  Well I am going to be doing a couple pretty cool things soon here.  I am for one going to be starting a group for other AB’s in the area that just want help with regressing or hanging out and doing things.  I really want to start my clothing business up, I just need people to quit bailing on me.  Lastly I just want to be happy.  If someone asked how I was before this event and after it, I can tell ya it would be night and day.

Nice meal my GF/mommy fixed me

Nice meal my GF/mommy fixed me

On a last note I was talking with a good friend and they think that I might not be 18 months after all.  They think I am more around the 9 month age.  To be honest I think they are right. “lol” Well that’s it for now, but I will probably be posting more of a day-to-day thing, about what happened when I was babied or fun Ideas I have, and of course as a lot of people like anyways there will always be more pictures.


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3 Responses to Ok Well here it is!

  1. sdebusk9 says:

    Brett, it’s so nice to hear from you again, and especially to hear how happy you are and how well you’re doing. Sounds like this event was a good way to challenge you and bring you out of your shell a bit more. It’s good when people from all walks of life, different races, religions, cultures, education level, career type and backgrounds can come together to celebrate their common interests. I have found that everyone, regardless of interests, can find someone (or lots of people) like them if they are just willing to put aside their fears and open up. It sounds like you found some common ground with a lot of these folks at the AB event. Was it just for ABs or was it for DLs too?

    Well, keep us posted and take care of yourself. We look forward to hearing from you again soon.


  2. pinnellipee says:

    Thank You for the update. So many of my mailings from others are short replies of little or no substance. It is always nice to actually see what others are doing.

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