Sorry guys :(

Well as it goes now, I have not posted for many reasons.  The biggest reason is my life is my life and no one elses.  I have had quite a bit of people wondering what I do day to day.  What my relationship is with Teisha.  If we broke up so they can have me.  Well as of for now, if I write on a blog it will be on stuff besides my life.  At this point in my life I need to really look at others lifes and how it affects them, me talking about my life.  I will blog about other stuff, but as far as my personal life with my relationship goes that is done for now.

anyways thanks for understanding 🙂


About babybrett

I am an Adult baby that lives my life how i want.
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3 Responses to Sorry guys :(

  1. Breslyn says:

    Good for you, Brett. People forget there’s a real human being behind the keyboard and your life isn’t some circus sideshow. I totally admire and respect your decision. Anytime someone is in the public eye, especially discussing a topic as intriguing as your infantilism, it tends to attract a lot of “gawkers”, the same kind of people that slow down to stare at a car accident hoping to see something shocking. I appreciate what I’ve learned from you, and your appearance in the media has sparked a lot of discussion. Others that experience the same tendencies may be more comfortable “coming out” to their loved ones, talking about it, garnering support. For this, you should be commended,

    Take care and be at peace with your choices. I wish you and Teisha the best, and you have a listening ear with me anytime. If you’d like to exchange email, please tell me here I can leave you a private message.

    Kindest regards,


  2. baby alex says:

    I do understand your’ private life is no one business I wouldn’t tell everyone about my wife only to a good buddy give me a buzz when ever I’m in California

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