Life and its Choices

Its been awhile since I posted, and it is for multiple reasons.  So in this post you will learn those reasons.  The main reasons were Teish and I were trying to figure out our relationship more, and in-depth.  Work has been kind of crazy and some days I just don’t feel like doing anything.  Lastly I did take a trip to Iowa to see my friends and family.

I am going to do this out-of-order, but its my blog so if you want to read it fine if not there’s the X sign.  Work has really been getting rougher and rougher lately.  I remember why I quit being a server before and now its hitting again.  Do I think I am good at what I do, yes hands down, you can ask mostly anyone, I have been doing it for years.  So why I quit serving first time was because it really does take a toll on you mentally.  When you start working doubles it really does drill ya down.  For me I can do it for about 10 hours straight but after that my baby side really starts messing with me, let me explain.  Around the 10 hour mark of talking and multi tasking I start getting really bad at paying attention and I feel like regressing hardcore.  Again this is just me, and it is tough sometimes after that mark because it gets to the point where I just don’t know what to do.  So far I have maintained composure and yes probably do need some therapy, but that s just how it goes.  It hasn’t helped the last couple days something has been wrong with my stomach or something and trying to serve gets even tougher.


Second reason its been a bit is I went to Iowa.  Feb15-18 I went to Iowa to see my friends and family.  Let me tell ya, it was an eye opener.  After working a 16 hour shift I decided to wait till the morning to head out.  I ended up having bad GPS and went the Chicago way, right in rush hour.  I made it and first thing I did was going to my old stomping grounds, to go pick up my mom and say hello to a lot of old co-workers.  After that I took my mom home and got picked up by my two best friends Nathaniel and Cat.  We went out to eat and just talked for a bit.  Cat even wore an Elmo shirt, made me laugh.  At about 9PM Cat went back to be with her new boyfriend dan.  I was kind of in shock, but its good to see she has someone like him.  Nathaniel and I went to the movies and went to see Hansel and Gretel, really good movie by the way.  After that he said he had a big plan for me tomorrow and we went to bed.  Knowing tomorrow I would not see Cat till around 3PM I figured Nathaniel had the whole day planned.

Still good friends even after a big move

Still good friends even after a big move

Well I woke up bright and early ready for him.  10AM, 11AM 12, 1PM……….Oh he over slept.  It’s ok because I got to hang out with my sister and watch movies.  He finally makes it over and we go and see our good friend Becca.  She is doing really well for herself and stuff seems to becoming better and better for her.  Cat finally makes it by and I throw somewhat of a tantrum, because of how she was basically hanging with dan, over the person that came to stay for a couple of days.  We end up going bowling and I really see that she is falling for this kid.  I then was wondering how this was going to affect our relationship as friends.  After bowling we all went to go get pizza and hang out.  I found out why she liked this guy.  Dan in a lot of ways reminded me of me, and we had a lot in common.  So after the boring gaming talk and such they decided to head in for the night.

Nathaniel and I decided to start playing this new game, Dominion.  We played till about 12, 1 in the morning.  Sunday hit, and I was kind of feeling down, and missing how it was before her boyfriend.  So my dad cheered me up and we went to our tradition, Mongolian Grill.  This place always makes me laugh because you always find food that you really don’t know what they are.  We chatted for around 3 hours and had fun.  In between this Cat finally figured out why I was down for the day.  Her new boyfriend dan understood where I was coming from.  So sunday night was a little different, after some more gaming with Nathaniel we went to go hang out with my good friend Tay and Cat.  We ate, and I had a good talk with Tay.  After that I went to go to my old work place and got to say hi to a lot of old friends.  Monday morning hit and I got to go to Hickory Park and hang with Nathaniel and Cat and we ended on a good note.  So all in all the trip went pretty well just was unexpected.


Got my Vday gift from Teish!

Got my Vday gift from Teish!


Lastly Teisha and I’s relationship.  We have been on an observing basis and after I got back I really felt that Wisconsin was my new home.  Couple days after I got back we went to hang out and right before I took her home, we cuddled in the car and it hit me.  I really am falling for this girl.  I went seeking a family and cared for and have got a whole 360.  We did have a lot of ups and downs Jan. and Feb.  I did start talking to other places seeing if I was in the right place or not.  Who really knows if I am, but I am falling for this girl more than no other.  I don’t get babied all the time, but when I am with her it makes me feel so much better.  Even now she surprised me and is here with me.  So I really am trying to type quick and get off.  So I really was trying to figure out Cat in Iowa and how she was spending all her time with a guy she doesn’t know.  When I got back and Teish and I had that night to ourselves it hit me.  I would spend every day of every minute with her if I could.  I would however try to balance my friends in there also.  So as of now Teish and I are trying to figure out how the next months will go.  Right now I cherish any time I have with her adult or baby, because I do love her, and regardless of what will happen(which I think we are bothing falling in love) I will always love her.  Anyways bye for now, I will try to post soon, but for now I need to take care of Teish or vice versa.

Heres the Pic of Salem.  Love my kitty :)

Heres the Pic of Salem. Love my kitty 🙂


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6 Responses to Life and its Choices

  1. pinnellipee says:

    at least someone’s baby needs are being met, Glad for You.

  2. Tom says:

    I think that what you do is completely awesome! I don’t view it any other way. It is so touching to see someone give of themselves out of love. And to accept you for whom you are. Absolutely love it!

  3. Breslyn says:

    It’s been a long time since we’ve heard from you. How are things at work, in Wisconsin and, most importantly, with Tiesha?

    • babybrett says:

      Work is long. there is a reason i have not posted quite yet tryin to figure out somestuff ill post soon

      • Breslyn says:

        Thanks for the reply. I’ve been getting a little bit worried about you. I wondered if the move, job change and relationship adjustments are taking their toll on you. One of the most challenging things about working in a leadership position is the time we put into our work and, thus, away from our loved ones and away from ourselves. You’ve always given your all in this job, as evident by your past posts. It’s so obvious you love it and are good at it, but as you’ve mentioned in the past, work is still hard, harder than it is for most people, right? And every minute spent there is another minute that Bubby loses with Mommy. That’s rough.

      • babybrett says:

        Ya i dnt want to say much as of now. as life is odd right now but ill b ok. ty for caring

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