The Love Story Continues, and Bubs plays more!

First off I want to say that I am sorry for taking long but with work, Teisha and I love life and baby mommy coming into play more and more it has been busy.

The first part is work and how things are adapting.  Couple days people started finding out about me and guess what, they didnt care.  I am sure some people are whispering here and there but not to me.  I have my friends still wanting to be my friends and even wanting to go see my crib….pardon the pun.  I even have one of them wanting a crib, which I found funny.  Most of the people at my work either find it cool, interesting or cute. I want to say I felt like I was going backwards when I started this job but think that it will be a bright new future.

I want this onesie/shirt

I want this onesie/shirt

The second part to this entry is Teish’s and I’s love life.  It has really started to develop more and more each day.  I don’t want to start sounding like a broken record but this is my blog to say what I want.  I love this girl to death.  I have a very bad insecurity of being alone, but when I am with her I feel complete.  We have had so many nights even some where it was only for an hour to watch a movie, but it really was fun.  The other big part I see to Teisha and I’s relationship is we are starting to act a lot alike.  Like a mix between me and her, and are getting some of the same corky sayings down.

Last part and probably the main part of this blog is the baby side.  I know I have written a lot about my life in general and this blog was for my baby side, but I have to go with what life gives ya.  Well as of late we have started to connect on a different level.  When I first got to Wisconsin I put up a barrier and was trying to hide my baby side and acting really grown up.  Which for me was unhealthy and ended up leading to being sad and stuff.  Well I took my barrier down about a month ago and she put one up, so I really had to figure out what was going on.

Well about 3 weeks ago we both let our barriers down and started really getting to know each other on the baby mommy level.  It started with just a night thing where I had got home from work and she had everything out and trying to regress me.  At this time she was being very careful not to upset me or go to quick per say.  So we had a little baby mommy time and than went to dinner and a movie then more baby time then sleep.  This was the start of both our barriers going down.  This is where I can truly say that I let my baby side come out in full swing.  When people ask me what my baby side is, its kind of me just being me.  I unlike a lot of adult babies am spoiled on the fact that I can basically be a baby when every I want to what degree I want.  So the adult side and baby side will go back and forth and Teisha is learning that too.  I will be playing with toys but then flip into wanting to watch something like CSI or want to go out to eat or cuddle and watch TV.  Which at the same time I am still in baby clothes still have my pacifier my sippy or bottle.  Still have toys everywhere but I switch back and forth.


One of the mats of toys she lays out for me

The reason I think I do this is because I do a lot of infantile things anyways.  Once at home if I am not already in a onesie I get in one or footies or some baby clothes.  I really don’t have cups I use sippy or bottles.  I have pacifiers across my house so I can just grab one, and If I told you how many baby toys I had you would flip.

A lot of adult babies just want that experience of it all.  Like playing with toys getting a diaper change, watching Sesame Street, roaming around all baby like is a big deal for them.  For me its an everyday thing, so I go in and out of it more so then someone who would pay for the service.

About two weeks ago Teisha started trying to get my baby side out more and more, to the point where she even set up a play mat full of toys and such.  I had just came home thinking she was at her place when in reality she was at my place and had a mat of toys out and was cooking supper.  At first I was kind of thrown back like, wow I am lucky.  Then she surprised me when she started using her Dom side.  right when I was getting on the couch to watch some tv she put the pacifier in my mouth and motioned me to the toys.  She started baby talk and I lost it and went into baby mode.

About a week ago I told her some of my trigger words that are from hypnosis or that I have learned in my head from the years past.  I sometimes wish I did not do this as she can really regress me anytime she wants now.  In a sense I like it though, and she loves it.  We really have unlocked the baby mommy relationship, with also having the girlfriend boyfriend relationship.  Couple days ago we had a day off together, which looks like we get that every week now.  We started the day kind of late but really regressed me down for a good four hours all the way.  She had a lot of baby toys out ready to be played with and oh did I have fun.  I then remember going to the high chair for food.  She gave me this pasta with chicken that was really good.  One thing she loves to do is mix up my drinks in my bottles or sippy, and it really makes my taste buds swing.  That night I had V8 fruit juice in there.  After making a mess and having fun in my high chair she let me play with my toys while she got my bath ready.  She changed me out of my clothes diapers and in the tub I went.  She does give me baths often as I think that is her favorite time.  I am starting to like some baths as I get to act like a krill.  I have been on this kick of acting like a krill from happy feet two, and its a lot of fun.

After bathing she gets me diapered up and in my new footies that you will see on here, they are cookie monster and warm.  She then will either watch a movie with me or put me down for night.  This night she let me watch some TV, then let me sleep.  In the morning she tossed me back in the high chair and we had some good chicken and biscuits.  After massacring the chicken everywhere I was changed and put in new clothes.  I believe at this time we went out to eat and had some good adult time together, where we went out to eat and watched movies and hung with each other.

That is a little view of what has happened in the past weeks, and I hope from the emails Teish and I got from people who this helps people on what they were wanting to know.  I love the emails and I do apologise for taking so long so I gave you a huge post with new pictures.

I do want to say that the background change and the main picture were changed because Teisha is in love with that picture for one, and two the zoe and elmo represents Teisha and I together.

I will leave this monster post saying that I love my life, and who knew that my life would be changed this much.


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7 Responses to The Love Story Continues, and Bubs plays more!

  1. teisha says:


  2. ABtyme says:

    You are awesome. I’m so happy you and Teisha are working it out and doing well. And I’m so happy that you are sharing your baby life with us. I’m an adult baby too and I appreciate it.

    • babybrett says:

      Thank you so much. I have been getting alot of emails latly if I don’t update my blog withen 2 weeks of the last one. Its a fun interesting exciting life that I love for the most part. All i say is true and from the heart. Thanks for commenting

  3. JR says:

    Wow man you have gone through a huge journey in short amount of time I wish I could open up my personality as much as you have. You got a solid head on your shoulder and strive to catch those goals. MAD RESPECT

  4. Larry says:

    I am very happy that things are working out for the better! We need to find some playtime!

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