What People Think They Know About Me

It has been awhile since my last post, but stuff has been very interesting lately.  I finally am on about the same exact schedule as my girl friend.  This is very exciting because we can do so much more together.  The main reason I am making this post is to clarify a couple of things that people think I am like, when in all reality they don’t know me.

First off people think that I put myself first for everything.  That it is my way or the highway.  That if I don’t get my way I don’t stay around.  Well people I am sorry to say but that is about as far from the truth as possible.  With my girlfriend, I always ask her what she wants to do.  If we are figuring out a place to go eat, I always ask her.  If it’s a movie, she gets to choose.  We actually went to a movie not to long ago, and I really wanted to see Looper.  She really wanted to see Batman.  GUESS WHAT!  I said, “babe you choose,” and we went to Batman.  We had a great time and I would have went to magic mike even and been just fine because I was there with her.  It wasn’t about the movie it was about being with her.  Just the other night I had off and she really wanted to eat at the place I work.  I was against it at first for other reasons, but then said lets just get the to go from that place.


The second thing I would like to talk about is people have in their mind that I am a baby all the time at home.  How wrong you are.  Right now I do have infantile traits when I am home or with my girlfriend but, total baby time is not that much.  When I say I have infantile traits, I mean stuff like I’ll be dressed in onesies diapers have a pacifier, sub continuously put my hand in my mouth and such like that.  The thing about this is, she loves it and we could be watching a movie as a couple.  We did have our first full baby thing but it was only for an hour, because I put her before me and we went to go see a movie and had dinner.  We are going to start a schedule soon where we have stuff more set in stone, to help both her and me, but I just want to tell people what you saw on TV is just that, television.  I have met some really neat people up in Wisconsin, including a new person I just met that I opened up to and he is a really cool person.

As far as my ranting goes I am done for now, I just don’t like being judged before a person actually meets me.  I know I have a very popular girlfriend in the AB world and they have so many misconceptions of me its crazy.  I love my girlfriend, and am preparing to step up to the plate after a bit here, and take it to the next level of love.  I go crazy when I don’t see her for a day, it drives me insane, but for now we live in two different places.  Even though we live two different places everything is coming together, and good things come to people who wait.  I am happy with where I am and would not change a thing.


About babybrett

I am an Adult baby that lives my life how i want.
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6 Responses to What People Think They Know About Me

  1. ABtyme says:

    Bret…an amazing post. As an AB, I know exactly what you’re talking about. Too bad people can’t handle your honesty and bravery. Some day the world will catch up to you. You’re a fine gentleman.

  2. CJ says:

    We have the same couch AND live in the same state. Totally random. Glad you’re adjusting and enjoying your life!

  3. Larry says:

    You are a pretty cool person. And you have someone who understands you. That is all that matters. You have made your move, which is a big change in itself, and change is never easy. Things will work out for you, and you will make new friends. Stay focused on your goals!!!

  4. Julia M says:

    Hi Brett!!!!!! My name is Julia- I’m a casting producer and I would love, love, love love to talk to you about our show. Please, please, please contact me at jmcasting1@mac.com with the best number and time to reach you . Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! Julia

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