Mind has been spinning.

There are a couple reasons I have not posted on here till now.  One big reason is this stuff just got way to personal with how my life has been going.  I did move to Wisconsin had a lot of ups but a lot of downs also.  If I said all that was going on you would think I should be a reality TV show, its like nursery meets jersey shore.  Now that I have dangled the carrot to which you cannot get I will go to my subject for the day.

As an adult baby I have been doing the adult role way more lately when I moved ironically.  But a thing I would like to talk about it relationships with a AB.  It can be quite a task and not that many people are lucky to find a different gender partner for there needs.  I have been able to do this more so because I really like to grab what I want.  Right now I started my relationship in Wisconsin and it is interesting.  I really wish there was not a 5 hour gap in between my 3 good friends and that has caused me and our relationship a lot of trouble per say.

One thing I can say for sure, when I was searching for a family I really would have probably been back in Iowa within the first month, so I am happy I found something more than just a family.  I hope in time we will both get to know each other inside and out but one thing is for sure I really love this girl.  I have literally been trying to do everything for her with me second.  I know a lot of people might find that funny but its true.  So having a AB for a boyfriend or girlfriend can be really tasking when moving places.  Getting friends you both like is tough also,

But number one for an AB relationship with someone is be on a similar schedule.  I moved up here and am on exact opposite schedules and it tares us apart sometimes.  We can’t really do too much because when I am up and feeling squirrelly she is tired and sleepy, and vice versa.  So to get rid of this I am starting a new job soon.  Another big thing for me at least, even though I have a crib I don’t sleep in it too much right now and even when I will I still will want my nights cuddling with my girl friend.  The next big thing is to set a schedule. A lot of people including me need schedules to keep them on task.  This stuff I said is in the works for me but it really can help those relationships out.

I am sorry I really don’t have a huge blog post today just kind of wanted to give you a heads up of whats going on.  I wish I could say how and what is going on but I am respecting my girlfriends wishes.  I will post more soon but for now that’s all I got.  I see that a lot of people have been viewing this page so thought id give you something new to look at.


Laterz for now, time to go watch a movie with the GF.


About babybrett

I am an Adult baby that lives my life how i want.
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6 Responses to Mind has been spinning.

  1. Anonymous says:

    You inspire me brett

  2. katleho says:

    wtf this am all Bullshit wtf grow up u punk ass nigga your an adult not a fucking baby your a disgrace bitch

    • babybrett says:

      I find it ironic that your telling me to grow up after reading what you said(very childish), but all an all it is your opinion and you are free to have that. Thanks for commenting on my blog:)

  3. bd says:

    You are so horribly disgusting!

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