Home of the Cheese Heads

Well it has been some time again since I last posted and really nothing I could do about that.  Between being really REALLY busy and the fact of having no internet for days, it made it so I could not post.

So I made the move with a lot of people thinking I was not going to go through with it.  I now live in the great state of Wisconsin.  The days before the move were very emotional and the attachments I had to some people really hurt to say good-bye.  I to this day still call my friends regularly as it’s still and adjustment up here.  I had saved up around a month and half of money and still used it all when going to Wisconsin.  I got all my stuff in the truck and tears started hitting my eyes, a lot was going through my head, as I loved this girl in Wisconsin but could I really give everything up in Iowa.  Well After saying goodbye to all my friends and many tears later I was off.

After getting up there and hanging with Teisha constantly I knew we were doing good.  We really had to figure out and still are figuring out how everything is going to work with money and such.  We have had a lot of obstacles in our way including cable and internet not getting hooked up forever.  Through thick and thin we are still doing pretty well.  I have a lot of adjusting to do as I have my nursery set up but really have not been in there too much.  It’s a part of me that needs to adjust to be happy and I am getting there it is just taking time.

Really a funny part to this whole event is how grown up I really have been acting.  I have been really putting forth my adult side more so than baby side right now for some reason.  I am confused myself but it will all fall into place soon.  I got the xfer at my new job and they love me there, I tend to work very hard when I am at a job, sometimes to the point of working to hard.  Right now I am taking it one day at a time and a lot of stuff is happening.  Teish and I are starting a babysitting service for adult babies and I want to start my clothing line if I can find the right people.  Right now the hardest part for me being in Wisconsin is missing the people I left.  The thing about it is though, I will get to hang with them soon and probably will make lots of trips back just because of the connection I have with my friends and family and I really don’t want to lose that.

As far as friends go up here, I have some work friends and then I have 1 outside friend so far and am still just adjusting and trying to figure Teish and I out.  Well that’s pretty much my update for now I have so much going through my mind its crazy but since people have not got to see pictures of stuff lately I am going to flood this post with some for ya.

Take care and always remember 1 day at a time.



About babybrett

I am an Adult baby that lives my life how i want.
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2 Responses to Home of the Cheese Heads

  1. BraDad says:

    Love it and You Brett! Remember U have your Grandparents, Aunt & Uncle, Cousins there in Milwaukee area too (YOU LUCKY!). Looking forward to getting back there more and transferring myself there. Meanwhile, with our new house here, there is room to set up a “Nursery” for you whenever you come to visit (Just need your friends to help build the stuff lol). And I am looking very forward to taking you out onto the little pond that is Lake Michigan fishing for Salmon and Lake Trout! Make sure you keep stocked on Wisconsin Stringy Wingy Cheese!

    –B.A. Cheesehead

  2. Trace says:

    Thanks for the update! How is life half a month later?

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