Lots happening!!!

Well first off I have been away from my computer and focusing on adult things lately.  I have a lot going on with my work and such.  I have learned that some paths are not for some people and we all need to figure out what that is, and when we do we never have to work a day in our lives.  So the past month I have been very busy with work and trying to get a xfer and such to make the move easy.  I have also been busy with a couple other things.  One thing that I have been doing is talking to a person that can make AB clothes and she has a lot of potential.  As far as the baby part of me goes right now it has almost been put on pause.  I have anxiety like no other having all my stuff locked up and in storage.  I have been sleeping in a bed, eating a lot of regular food and staying busy in work life.  I have been very stressed and lately and its been pretty crazy.  I have found out that I can live with my grandparents for a bit, to get ready for my move to Racine or where ever I go.  I have really been thinking into that also and really want to start that new chapter of my life.  So anyone in Wisconsin area I probably would love to meet and hang.  I have decided on a couple pretty big things once I get there.  Now that my scatter brain thoughts are out there I will go into some structured conversations.

First off my stuff being locked up and what that is doing to me.  I work around 40 plus hours a week as a manager.  I have thought bout this and the stress level is pretty high but I do try to do my best every day I am there.  So after my work is over I usually go over to Cats, yes cat and I are still good friends.  I have also been living there with my GF mommies permission.  One thing is that I love my mom sister to death, but I can only take so much and wonder how my dad doesn’t go insane.  So when I am at Cats I sleep on a bed.  One thing that really gets to me is not having my crib.  For years I slept in that thing and it was cozy and kept me secure.  I think that my anxiety is through the roof right now because of this.  I also have not had my high chair or toys really.  I really do miss this structure in my life and can’t wait to get it back once in Wisconsin and settled down.  The only stuff I have right now is pacifiers and diapers and baby clothes and really when you have been as far as I have this is not much.  Sept. 21st is my last day at work and its coming up pretty quick.  As far as going to Wisconsin that is Oct 1st, and I am scared and excited.  This next week I go up there for Labor day and to see if I can get my transfer then and there.  Also the two other main things are I get to see Teisha and I get to see my grandparents and aunt uncle and others.  It is pretty crazy but I also get to meet Teisha’s mom and first impressions are crazy.

Second big thing that I have been thinking about is businesses.  I have decided I really want to start my own business with my GF/Mommy.  We have talked about this a bit, but I have always wanted to help adult babies be themselves and not be ashamed of who they are.  The first thing I would do after I am settled down and have my own place is start a nursery for adult babies.  It will cost some but people can have the time of there lives and get what they have only dreamed of.  Many adult babies are scared about who they are or are very hidden.  What I would like to do is help people accept themselves as I have basically billions of people who know bout me and I either get two reactions.  “That’s cute, or that’s good your accepting of it.”  I get recognized quite a bit and to this day I havent had one person make fun of me or anything.  The way I look at it is, I drink bottles you drink beer.  I wear onesies you wear suites.  I wear diapers you wear boxers.  I play watch baby type things you do other.  The main point to what I just said is we all have different things we do and just because society is one way doesn’t mean you have to be the boring normal.  I would love to have trips with other adult babies to zoo or somewhere.  The other thing to this is I think that I can help adult babies get to their inner baby, and Teisha can help daddies and mommies be better at that.  The other big business I have thought about is getting my clothing designers together to make a brand name and to really go the next step for adult babies.  I know me for one would love to see onesies just like baby ones and clothes just like baby ones.  When I say this I mean down to the tee not just a design from a fabric store.  I have to get a hold of some people but I am sure I can do this and this would be fun.  Lastly I am going to look into getting some diaper company, I don’t know how but my dream is to get some diaper company to give something like sesame street or some baby character to the adult diaper industry.  Maybe a made up one that could be the icon adult baby character.  Some stuff to really think about.  I think that ABuniverse is in the right direction with the new generation of adult babies and such with the cloth like outer shell.  I would Like to see some different designs but they are so far ahead of others its nuts and I am happy even though the prices are high that they have this.  Ok now that you have seen my DL side(diaper lover), and that’s basically the extent of that side which is pretty mild.  So once I get settled in Wisconsin I will start moving on some of these.  The first and foremost is to start a AB nursery and get that started.

Lastly and not least……………………….TEISHA.  I swear we were meant for each other.  I have said this over and over that I fell in love when I wasnt looking for that.  I cant wait to get up their and watch our relationship fly.  I have a lot of people doubting me but they don’t get the connection we really do have.  When I first started talking to Teisha she started putting a smile on my face that I had not have for quite sometime.  The thing that people don’t realize is that I have been more adult than baby with Teisha.  You can ask her and it has been wierd.  People think of me as a gurgling 2-year-old after doctor phil.  I do have that side but I also have a very developed adult side.  Are there infantile traits still, yes.  Teisha was telling me yesterday that we have been being very adult lately.  I told her that I don’t roleplay on phone or anything.  To be honest I don’t roleplay I just be myself.  If I was myself on the phone I would either eat the phone or throw it.  So even teisha really has not seen the baby part of me for a while.

Leads me to the last part of this huge post.  Cat has probably kept me sane.  From this day even she does not treat me any different than she did when we were dating.  I really do have to thank her for doing that for me because with out that I might be in a loony bin right now.  Anyways main thing is Wisconsin is happening and it is happening quick!!!   I get to start a new, see my relationship with Teisha fly, and start my businesses to make me have more time to be myself at home.  With that I do apologise for not posting more, been quite busy.  I also apologise for the book with no pictures.  I will tell ya once I get to Wisconsin that this blog is gonna change quite a bit and will be more baby life day by day then anything.  God works in mysterious ways and who would have thought that Dr.phil would hook us up, which is what happened LOL.

Anyways leave you with this, keep your head up reach for your dreams, and once there don’t stop keep going to the stars.


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I am an Adult baby that lives my life how i want.
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  1. I hope the move goes smoothly, it’s right around the corner! Hang in there Brett you’re nearly there and we are all rooting for you ❤

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