Oooooook Here we go!

So first off I want to apologise for not writing for quite sometime.  I did this for 2 reasons.  First is that I wanted to keep the main story the Dr.Phil one while people wondered on here, so they could get a glimpse of what was happening, and two I have been an emotional roller coaster.  Let me explain, so Teisha and I for the past month have been bouncing back and forth where we are going to live.  We would do this to the point some days of where it just made us sad that we were so far from each other.  We both realized that one of us would have to move sooner or later.

This is what Teisha says my Paci is, it makes sense lol

The fact of it is that I am stuck in Iowa till at least August.  We actually went through all the scenarios and were really just trying to figure out what we should do.  It has come to the point where we have figured out that Iowa seems better suited as of right now.  As of now we are trying to figure out the best transition to getting into Iowa.  I will need to make a trip up to Wisconsin to meet her mom, which should be interesting.  As of right now Iowa is looking like the winner.  This could change tomorrow who knows.

As of the rest of my life, I really have just tried to go one day at a time.  I have been fishing a lot lately with my friends and just really don’t have a schedule down for anything.  I feel that I am getting lost in a limbo right now, waiting to get out.  I have decided I am probably going to try to get some of my baby schedule back into play.  How to do this without another person is going to be interesting but I will talk with Teisha bout that later when she feels better.

Something I did not say right away is that Teisha came to see me again couple weeks ago.  It went better than the first time, we had a lot of fun, even if I had to work some.  I could go into detail but only people who would like that are me and her.  We basically cuddled watched movies, talked, got babied and a lot more.  This time when she left I just wanted to sneak back to Wisconsin with her, but knew I could not do that.  I really would like to figure this out sooner than later, because let me tell ya long distance SUCKS!!  I went searching for a family to take care of me feed me, change me, let me do what I wanted.  In the end it looks like I fell in love again and now have a GF/Mommy.  This is nuts and crazy and so many emotions go through my body I just almost can’t put my head around it.  I did a radio interview today for 97X WSUN, ( and it was pretty fun.  They were down to earth people and it was a lot of questions in not so much time.  If people do have more questions or if those guys had more, I would love to answer them.  My goal is to get to that point in my life where I am loving every moment.  I swear I am close, just need to work and wait a little longer.  Good things happen to people who wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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