4 Days Of Heaven!!!!!!!(Warning this post is huge)

Well in my last blog I posted that my new Mommy was going to come out and see me.  She flaked once before, so a lot of people were apprehensive if she was going to come.  She has a fear of driving long distances, but that did not stop her this weekend.  After 6 long hours in the car, and me starting to worry she made it to my house, around noonish.  I had actually went out to go meet her, and there was my land lord hanging outside.  The first question she asked was when this new mommy was coming to see me.  my answer was, in 10 minutes.  So she waited out there with me, and all of a sudden we saw her car, and a big smile on her face.  After she called her mom to make sure she wasnt freaked out too much, she met my landlord of 6 years.  Well my landlord is a very loving person, and she gave me the best.  So off to the house we went.  I showed her the living room the game room and then came the nursery…….  It had thrown her back, it was such a surreal experience.

So after she was done figuring out this was real I decided to go to McDonald’s because I was hungry.  You all have to remember I work the night-time so I am going on over 24 hours no sleep.  So we get to McDonald’s and her and I were talking about random people coming up to me or waving and such.  I told her that it happens more than you would think.  Back in Wisconsin when we hung out we had that one person wave and smile at me.  Well so back to the story, we are at McDonald’s and go figure the first thing out of the persons mouth is, “Elmo is back.”  She starts asking me all these questions like what my age was, so me being me I said, 2ish around 18 months.  Then I told her my actual age.  her manager asked if I was wearing an Elmo shirt which actually I was wearing a Winnie the Pooh onesie.  She called me and equal opportunity employer.  So now that this one lady was being very loud and knowing who I am she has the whole place asking me questions and such.  She even asked if my new mommy was my sister, since she wasnt on the show with me, and a lot of people don’t know Cat and I broke up.  So was does my new mommy do in all of this.  she gets nervous and walks away, which was not to uncommon as its very surreal that it was happening.  So finally we get out food and sit down.  We both have this connection like one person completes the other persons puzzle connection.  We talk for a bit, and I was like, wow do I choose the wrong places to go.  In the end this was a good experience for her to have as I get it at least 3 times a week.

This is the onesie I greeted her in, and the one that the Mcdonalds people saw.

Well now it is about 1 PM and I was falling asleep.  So she gets me all ready for bed.  She got me a new dry diaper a nice onesie and shows me my gifts she got me.  First she shows me the bag, which looks like she is going to a baby shower.  She first pulls out a baby blanket.  Not any baby blanket, but not just any baby blanket.  This baby blanket had a monkey rattle and has to be the most comfy blanket I have ever felt in my life.  As you can see in this pick its a very cute design with animals and such.  After that she pulled out a new pacifier for me.  It said, “I Love Mommy.”  Lastly she got me a new bubble machine, which is a lot of fun.  So after she gives me all that she gives me my new pacifier and I am off to bed.  Well not bed….. tucked into my crib.  So after 3 hours I get up and we go have lunch with my best friends Nathaniel and Cat.  Well before that she checks me and changes me again, and puts me into another onesie.  Before she even gets that far she is introduced to my clothes closet, which was a mess.  She gives me a bath, and asked me where everything was at, which I really had no idea because it had been 5 months since I took a bath, since I was forced into taking showers.  So after we find some toys she finds out that baby Brett really doesn’t like bath time.  After that we were off to the closet to find some clothes.  So after she found at least 7 onesies she liked she put me in my baby toys onesie with rocking horses.

Bubble machine she got me LOOK AT THE BUBBLES!!!

The gift bag she got for me, so cute!!!

After work we decide to go to IHOP for some breakfast.  We both were sold with chicken and waffles.  This has to be the most amazing combination ever.  After a very nice meal we go off to get me ny nyte, because she could tell I was really tired.  We get home she does her mommy thing and checks me changes me, tosses me into a different onesie and gets me ready for bed.  After my sleep she finds the room not smelling to nice and she had evidently been talking with my friends the whole day.  She goes out of the room and tells everyone bretts up but he stinks so it will be a bit.  What do my friends respond like other than, he always stinks.  Cat responded with, “lol now its your turn have fun!”  Well the thing that is different about Cat and this Mommy is that she loves this and wants this.  So after a change we go for a bath, and get me ready for the day.

num num num!!!!!

She had went to the store to get me some baby food and some other stuff.  Sadly my stomach is weak to some baby food.  She tried baby corn, and well that didn’t work to well, so after being a little sick and telling her I just can’t stomach some baby food.  She gives me the rest of my baby meal.  I have to say this has to be the cleanest meal I had ever had in my high chair.  She literally held the plate away from me and made it basically very hard to make a mess at all, since she had just cleaned me up and put me in a new onesie.  I still managed to get a bit messy but 100X less messy in general.

Sadly no highchair photos this time, but here's me in a onesie with my new blanket and my new pacifier 🙂

After my baby meal, which consists of baby noodles and apple sauce, she took me out to my friends in just a onesie.  She was in shock that they really did not care at all.  We got a movie to watch and she cooked a very awesome spaghetti thingy.  After the movie I had to get ready for work again and it will have already been 2 days together.  Every time I would go to work I would go nuts and want to be home more than ever.  Tomorrow would be a little different as she would get to meet my family.  Well she tucked me in to go to bed.  She had a very good routine down.  Well she took advantage of me being asleep and asked if she could hang out with my sister with out me, and of course I said yes because I was asleep.  After I woke up we got me changed and played a bit.  We then put me in her favorite shirt which is the cookie monster one that says, “Num Num Num.”  I told her if my family doesn’t scare you away then we should be good.  around 6 my dad picks us up, and we go to Okoboji Grill.  It was amazing my dad sister were connecting so well with my new mommy.  My actual mother was still a little sketchy about everything asking questions to her about will I ever grow out of this and such.  I of course was very talkative and loving that my family was loving my new mommy.  So after a good dinner, my dad had to show my new mommy ISU and such.  So we went around all of ISU.  My dad looked really happy that this person was way more accepting and didn’t care at all then a lot of other people had been.

So we get back around 8:30 and my friend Nathaniel was waiting since the time I told him was wrong to come over.  He gets there then finds out he has to pick up Cat from work.  We start cuddling and start to watch the movie Deathrace.  We play for a bit then I get a text wondering if I wanted to go to AppleBee’s to hang out.  I asked and she said sure.  It was amazing, as weird as this sounds she wanted me to be in my baby state as much as possible.  So before we left she checked changed me, and we had a moment where we kept falling more and more for each other.  So we go to AppleBee’s and I finally get to meet this friend of Cats that seemed interesting.  So we sit down and I didn’t have too much time so I was wanting boneless wings.  It got to late and I didn’t get my boneless wings, but I can get them when ever so not to mad.  I had my Xmanager and friend meet my new mommy.  He seemed very happy that I had found someone for me.  I even got to see my Xroomate, I gave him a hug.  Then I saw another Xmanager which I thought we were cool, but I guess not, because I went up there and he was very cold to me.  Maybe he was just having a bad day I don’t know.

So after that I had to get to work.  After work it was now Monday and she was going to have to leave pretty soon.  I was not going to go to sleep until she left.  We decided to not get breakfast and just wait for lunch.  We hung out wishing this time would never stop.  We ended up going to Hickory park again.  She got me in another cute onesie and I put my Elmo jacket over it and some sweat pants.  We get there and she asks me why I always put my jacket over my onesies or baby clothes.  She thought I get embarrassed and that I wasn’t that open to just go in my onesie and sweat pants.  I actually told her the truth, that I felt it was embarrassing for others.  So she dared me to take my coat off and hang is just my onesie and sweat pants.  I was like well if you don’t care then I don’t care and off my coat went.  So here I am in a onesie that you could definitely tell was a onesie and sweatpants.  Was I embarrassed, no I was not.  I had never had a person actually ask me to do that and not care about it.  So now I had fallen even more.

Rocking it up in a onesie at at lunch OOOOOO ya!!!!


We get home from lunch and we cuddle and I get her in my crib with me.  She does have a little AB in her and was loving every minute of it.  I even locked it so she got the full effect of being in a crib.  What she didn’t know was my hidden agenda.  I actually jumped over the crib and got a nice couple camera shots of her in the crib.  It was cute and funny.  After that I went back into the crib and we cuddled not wanting this to ever end.  Sadly it had to, and with one last diaper change and playing a little more she had to pack up and leave.  As she left I knew that she had hit my heart hard and I had done the same.

Mommy getting ready for one last change before she leaves 😦

This is when I jumped out and took a picture!

When I saw her car pulling away I had to turn away as I started crying, I really have to figure some stuff out in the months to come.  Lucky my friends are always there for me and love me.  So that is my last week.  It was insane and almost unreal.  I went searching for a person or family to take care of me when Cat left.  I had many families reach out to me and the one person that doesn’t reach out at all.  The one who says good luck, and I will post what she said on my blog, what really started all of this.  It wasn’t her asking to try her out, she had just told me good luck.  Now we have hit a level of happiness I have not felt in a while.

(This is what she commented)


yes choosing AB parents can be tough just make u choose carefully im 27 and i have been a mommy since i was 18. Make sure the connection is genuine and real and sinciere, I know when i meet babies in real life i have to make sure there heart is in it b/c I want a real baby! a baby who can regress and and just let me take over and nurture! be carefull and be safe in who choose!  Even though the choice is hard im sure u are SOOO EXCITED!!! good luck mommie

ps if u ever need a mommie friend dont be shy!!!  I love helping other ABs and DLs!

She asked me today why I missed her, was it because I had to change myself.  Or was it because I had no one to clean up my messes, or feed me or any of the other things that come along with being a baby.  My response was this,  “No, quit worrying I miss you for a billion reasons.  To be honest you just felt like that piece of the puzzle that completes me.”  I really do believe that with all my heart.  I really had a time that I had never thought I would feel something far past what I have felt before.  The big issue is one of us lives in Iowa and one in Wisconsin.  One of us is going to break down and move.  Who it will be we will see.  She sees from coming out here that my support group in Iowa is beyond strong and that my friends really love me.  Anyways I am sorry for the book but that is what has happened and its life changing.  I will leave you guys with this.  If you have a dream, reach for it and don’t let anything or anyone in your way.


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17 Responses to 4 Days Of Heaven!!!!!!!(Warning this post is huge)

  1. Paul Freeman says:

    Ouch, it’s hot off the press! Wow. Sounds like you had a good time Brett.

  2. pinnellipee says:

    I am happy for You.

  3. Craig says:

    That was incredibly inspirational. I am beyond happy for you, but this also depresses me a little. This is what I dream of and I just feel so lost…Sorry for sounding emo, but reading this almost brings me to tears, but I am very happy that this is going great for you so far.

    • babybrett says:

      Cheer up 🙂 Just do what I did, went for what you believed is right and dont let anyone come in your way 🙂

    • teisha says:


      awww you will find a mommy just hold on! good mommies are out there!!! it took me a long time to find my baby and I almost gave up looking for my baby! than one day it happened and i found the baby i have always wanted!!! dont give up!!!! that makes me sad u are sad I was there i know how it feels it can get better!!! Im so happy i took the risk with my baby…. keep the faith….


  4. Trace says:

    Hey congrats! (: I hope this works out for you! By the way, what kind of baby food do you like? Id like to try some!

    • babybrett says:

      I like any fruit basically. I hate vegis and other stuff i just choke at it, which sucks but what u gonna do :p Nanners are my favorite followed by strawberry applesauce baby food. I hope this all works out too, this damn 5 hr difference needs to change quick!!!!!!

      • Trace says:

        That would be ideal! And fruit… hmm… gerbers? And I’d say assess the money and cost of each to move, who makes more money now, and how bad you both want this. I wish I could have a mommy! The girl I’m with now doesn’t really like the whole mommy idea. How did you get Cat to?

  5. F says:

    You really are a disgrace to your family.

  6. Geordie Hatchet says:

    You don’t sound like a baby in your long essays. Must just be another attention seeker. Pathetic really when there are people around who are dying and you waste air time on TV shows attention seeking. I’ll just call you Balloon Diaper Dude because you really are like Balloon Boy Dad. Please be sure to use one of your other accounts to tell me to shut up 🙂

    • babybrett says:

      First off I am not going to reply on another account because there is no reason to. Second I am not going to tell you to shut up because your entitled to your opinion. Third I don’t sound like a baby because in my essays as you call them, I am telling how my life is. I may have a baby side to me but if you ask anyone who knows me, I am a very smart person. Do I feel wrong to work, yes go to school yes, but i do them. Somewhere in my childhood I developed this and instead of wanting help, which there is no cure, i decided to role with it and love my life to the fullest. As far as attention seeking goes, the only attention I wanted was to make people aware. I love my life, I am with my new GF/Mommy and she loves me to death. I have a very positive outlook on things and while I am a baby I am an adult too. I always do have tendancies of a baby all the time. I wear diapers 24/7 I chew on binkies I eat baby food everyday. I play with baby toys watch baby shows and just love my life. Just because you want to try to make me mad and tell you to shut up and that im doing this for attention is silly. I am not mad I am just giving you an over view of my life. I do choose this to an extent but alot of it is programed somewhere in my brain but I love it, and while I do have baby tendancies, you can ask anyone at my work that I am a very hard worker too. Anyways sorry for another long essay just tellin ya how stuff is. If you want to more feel free to email me at toon_lord322@yahoo.com and again ty for taking time to read my blog and voice your opinion.

  7. Oscar says:

    I know this website gives quality based articles or reviews and extra material, is there any other web page which offers such stuff in quality?

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