Hmmm next couple weeks should be interesting?!

So life has turned out to become very interesting.  I have had my new job for 2 weeks and think its going well.  I really like the change of pace, and how much stuff I have to do in one night, it really does keep me busy.  Flip side of all this I have been trying to learn a new sleep schedule, since I work the vampire shift.  This has become to be pretty crazy in other ways also.  I usually get home around 9 just in time for Sesame Street, then I fall asleep.  One thing I have found and I don’t know if my bosses like this is, once I am there I am in the zone until they have to basically force me to leave.  I have so much OT have to cut every day, I just need to learn when to go.

Now people are probably wondering why I touched on my new job and everything.  Well right now it is a big part of my life, and really makes me re adjust things I do around the house.  Right now I am alone in my efforts of being happy at home.  I have decided against baby sitters for now, so I don’t have a jealous mommy.  This brings me to another thing going on.  This girl and I have kicked it off well, as you can tell from my other blogs.  I have basically declined any babysitting for me and or families that wanted to adopt me.  I really think her and I were meant for each other.  Well this finally brings me to why next couple weeks are going to be interesting.

Sometime at 5AM she is going to drive out here to meet me, and the whole baby me, in my zone.  She is going to meet my best friend Nathaniel, and my other best friend Cat.  She also is going to meet my family and probably some of my co-workers.  I really hope that this experience goes good and she isn’t to shy.  As I write this I already know she will be reading it in the next couple hours after the gym.  I want to share with her what it will be like if she chooses to adopt me.  I can say first hand I am a handful, but she also has a lot of AB experience as a mommy.  She has told me she is not used to a AB that is so open and has so much time and experience as a baby.

My first hope is I don’t scare her away.  My second hope is my friends don’t scare her away, and there is always family being scary too…..  So I know a lot of people are going to read this including Cat, and my parents so please don’t scare her.  🙂

I preparation for her coming out I have had these decals that I have wanted to put up for quite some time.  So finally one night before work I got to it.  I have to say I think they look pretty neat.  I had only enough for 3 sets of places so I chose above my high chair, by my crib, and the middle of the room.  I have to say I am not a very nervous person.  If you ever saw me I am a very laid back person that sometimes is to laid back.

So ya that weekend is going to come and I hope it is all I ever wanted and that I have maybe found the person for me.  On an adult level we click so good, and she was talking that she usually meets her babies in baby on the phone and such.  I told her that I would end up either throwing the phone or chewing on it.  Maybe that is for some but for me its the real deal or go home.

So that’s whats been going on with me, and you can BET that after this weekend whether it good or bad you will see a post of what is going on.  I do want to end this with something kinda different but still in the same category.  I have told people I am full AB and not DL(diaper lover) at all.  Well for the most part this is true but I have to say ABU ( ) is now my favorite place to go for diapers.  They finally made a diaper for AB’s that has the outer cloth like feel just like the Pampers cruisers have.  So I have to say without a doubt that this company has turned in the right direction.  If I had a mommy here for me I wouldn’t worry about what type and such but untill then I have to figure that out for myself.  Anyways here are some pictures of my new decals in my room.  Untill next time, BabyBrett out!  🙂


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I am an Adult baby that lives my life how i want.
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8 Responses to Hmmm next couple weeks should be interesting?!

  1. Casey R says:

    I am so happy for u!

    Love Casey R 🙂

  2. Craig says:

    I hope for the best Brett. Hopefully someday something will work for me too. =)

  3. Hdjdgsgashdhshshxhdhdh says:

    Hi i mailed u a while ago and cslled u bodacious :p remember? Anyway this is kinda randome but i felt bad about how the last vonversation ended. I just wanted yo let u kno that i still am a supporter fan thing or watever its called.

  4. Hdjdgsgashdhshshxhdhdh says:

    Hi i mailed u a while ago and axed u lik a million questions. Anyway i felt bad about how da last conversation ended and just wanted to let u kno that i sm still a supporter fan thing or watever its called and consider u a frend

  5. pinnellipee says:

    I am glad for You and also wish You the best.

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