Can’t believe I did it!

Well I have got back from California, even though I didn’t want to leave at all!!  When I got back I found out that I was gonna be getting promoted.  I had finally made it to management.  I was so happy about this, but at the same time this really did limit what I can do for at least awhile.  I had been talking with Oregon a lot and some others but they can’t move, I would have to move to them.  Well I have decided I need to stay in Iowa a little bit longer and see where this new job takes me.  I also still want to find that void in my life, that person that I can call mommy or daddy.  Well I really have been talking to this person in Wisconsin.  We actually started talking at least 2 hours a day if not more and 1000’s of texts.  It got to the point where we decided we wanted to meet each other.  We found out that the 6th-9th of next month she was going to drive out here.  Well me being me I took a chance.  I first asked 3 of my best friends to see if I should do it, they all said what do you have to lose. 

Well I decided I couldn’t wait to meet this person.  So after work on Sunday I went on a nice 5 hr road trip to Wisconsin.  The thing that makes this really cool is I got to see my grandparents and aunt also.  So It was about 3PM when we met.  She was so nervous it made me laugh.  I don’t get nervous too much, so I was fine.  I think she was afraid of me accepting her for who she was.  I knew right from the time I started talking to her to where were at now that her and I had a connection.  So I met her and she actually met my Grandma and Aunt too.  After that we had to figure out what we wanted to do.  I decided the mall was a good place.  So we went to the mall and talked a lot.  We were more adults on this trip than mommy/baby, since this was the first meeting. 

After the mall we were hungry and decided to go to Texas Road House.  She did feed me my Papoo(applesauce) there and it was fun.  That place is so delicious.  We talked more and I tried to get her to take me to meet her mom.  Her Mom knows a lot about me already because of the show so she wasn’t ready to see me.  As we were leaving dinner some guy was pointing at me and waving.  I did not see it but she said he recognized me.  As we were leaving we decided to go to a movie.  We went to the Hunger Games.  I will say this movie with out a doubt is one of my favorites of all times.  We got in there cuddled, she gave me my binky and I started falling asleep, so I had to take it out.  She also brought my stuffed animal Elmo toy in there so I held on to him, but that’s as far as the babying went for this trip.  We decided that she wasn’t quite ready for some of the stuff and gradually work her way into it.  As far as diaper changes go, they would have all had to be in public restroom, and we will work our way up to that.

We had a lot of fun, I found someone who is worse at navigation then I am.  This coming from a guy who went across the Mississippi River 3 times in 20 minutes. So next week she is coming out to see me.  I believe this is going to have a lot more of Baby Brett in it.  I will be in my territory and have a lot of fun things planned.  So I guess will see where this leads me who knows, but I for one am happy I took the risk.

(sorry didnt take many pics in Wisconsin, someones a lil camera shy and its not me.)

Also wanted to take this time to help a person out who has supported me in being me, so this is me supporting him for being him.  Way to GO Mallaki!!!!  This is not AB related at all, but everyone has something and this is him.


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I am an Adult baby that lives my life how i want.
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  1. pinnellipee d says:

    Hope everything works out for You.

  2. teisha says:


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