Off to Cali!

Had a chance to go to California for business.  After the business I got to hang out in LA and was insane fun.  Cat and I walked the Hollywood walk of fame.  We saw a lot of interesting things too.  We got to go to venus beach and even help out a homeless person, giving them some of our pizza.  The next day we got to go the Manhattan beach, and had a blast.  It was really cold water, but its the ocean and when your land locked in the middle of the USA, you usually take advantage of this.

Now to add the baby stuff that went on.  Cat really doesn’t baby me anymore BUT, she still does talk to me like a baby.  Welp as always I had my diaper on and my binki by me.  I even found out that I am to big for swim diapers, which sucks, because a bit ago I could fit in them easily.  When we went to the beach I went swimming in the ocean.  The diaper its self wasn’t filling up, that is till I got hit by a huge wave.  At that time I decided I needed to get changed quick as that thing was really heavy.  When you’re a pro like me it takes less time to change then it does someone actually going to the bathroom.

So I had my swimming for the day, the water was cold and we decided to walk the beach still getting some water.  When I was all changed and such, we went back out and started walking the beach.  Me not caring what anyone thinks of me decided to get in a onesie and some snap pants.  I guess it was LA so no one even noticed, which is really funny.  We coasted the beach took a lot of pictures, and then went to world-famous Manhattan beach pizza.  Had some of that, and then walked the beach back.  I found out that LA is a place I would love to live.  People don’t care what or who you are and they just roll with it.

As for the whole other part to all of this adventure.  I have been looking for that family, and I think I am getting close in finding it.  I have basically the same connection I did with Cat with this other girl.  The one big thing that is different is she wants to care for me.  I of course need to be safe in what I do and will be.  I can’t wait to meet this person, its crazy because of the connection we have.  Now people are probably wondering you have yet to meet this person?  The answer to that is yes, I need to meet this person.  So what makes stuff different with this person then the other potential families.  Well I can’t say why yet I want to stay in Iowa, but I can say I want to now.  I have a lot of opportunities to go other places Oregon, Washington, New York, Florida, but something has changed where I think I need to stay in Iowa at least for a bit longer.  This person in Wisconsin is willing to move if we click in person as much as we click with each other over phone.  I know this all sounds crazy but you have to follow your gut, and this is what my gut tells me to do.  So I hope to see this person before the month ends and start a new journey.


About babybrett

I am an Adult baby that lives my life how i want.
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3 Responses to Off to Cali!

  1. Kim bord says:

    Your a weirdo!

    • babybrett says:

      Your entitled to your opinion, but really definition of normal in this day in age is alot different then it was a while ago. You can live your life how you please and I will do the same with mine. Thanks for commenting 🙂

  2. Craig says:

    Yeah Kim, he is a weirdo for doing something that is absolutely harmless, yet smokers are the perfect crops of society. People who smoke hurt themselves and other people but are allowed to do it. After hearing that, how can you ever even begin to call this lifestyle weird?

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