Just some fun stuff

Alright before I go into an update some fun stuff. I wanted to share with you something I got bored on the plane and decided to do.  If you know me I am very good with lyrics.  I had I’m Elmo and I know it, stuck in my head so, I decided to do a I’m AB and I know it.  Tell me what you think, remember this pertains to AB’s (Adult Babies)

(I’m AB and I Know It!)

Ya, ya,

When you see me waddle on by.

You might see a big boy slash sigh.

I fall on my seat, crawling by pretty neat, can’t stay on my feet ya.

This is how I roll big Binky diapers im out of control.

Its bubby with the big baby pose

I’m cute, onesies, don’t wear regular clothes.

Mama look at my face    x3

I make farts!!!

Mama look at my face   x3

I make farts!!!

When I walk in Bubby’s room this is what I see.

Mommy and Kitty staring at me.

I got cookies in my pants and you can definitely  smell it, smell it smell it!

I’m AB and I know it     x2

yo when I’m wet

My mom needs no help

With cleaning my butt, I make brown swirls.

I talk to mommy and watch elmos world.

This is how I roll

Tum on mommy its time to go

We tread to the store with the stroller where not nervous

Got a onesie on a baba an I still get service!!  WHAT


Then it goes into the other two choruses.

Also I have been thinking about getting a Tattoo.  I have been getting a lot of BABIES DONT GET TATTOOS!!  Well let me tell ya, I am a baby but still and adult thus I am an adult baby!!!!

Here it is, tell me what you think!!!



About babybrett

I am an Adult baby that lives my life how i want.
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6 Responses to Just some fun stuff

  1. pinnellipee d says:

    If you don’t already have a tattoo, DON”T GET ONE NOW. Life is so much nicer with fresh pink skin. I agree, Babies don’t get tattoos, and this means You!

  2. teisha says:

    I like that tattoo idea but babies dont have tattoos however u are cute with or without one!!!

  3. sadistsweetheart says:

    WOW! Just WOW! That’s the dumbest tattoo idea ever!

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