Why cant this 4 months go by OMG

Well first off want to apologise for not writing on here sooner.  I would give you a good excuse but really there isn’t one………  So here is a good update on me.  After the show aired I have had many interests in me, whether it was a girl friend, or a family.  Well after the break up I decided to do something for myself.  I decided to try to find a family.  I started posting on adoption websites for ABS people.  At first I got some replies, and some saying I was to young.  So sooner or later I went on FB and had some people want me to come out to see them.  I decided that they were not in the right place to start a family.

When I was looking at going out there to see them I met a girl on the way.  Not going to give her name, but she was exactly like me, and just stuck on wanting to be a baby.  Her and I chat time to time, and are not sure but maybe someday would live together as 2 lil babies, if we can get over a couple of things, and of course have a daddy or mommy to take care of us, while still having some of a work social life, as that is healthy to have.

So after meeting her I have really wanted to somehow find a way to have it so I have her as a baby sister, but only time will tell that.  I already went into detail on the mommy in my home town, so…..lets go to the other people who I could possibly call home.  After the show I got a lot of people wondering if I wanted to stay with them and be their baby part-time.  This one family in particular I fell in love with.  It would be me as the baby boy another baby boy, a baby girl and a mom and dad.  Well this all seemed to be going well till one day something happened and the dad is no longer with them.  Also the baby girl doesn’t want to move.  I have two things keeping me in Iowa, and they are friends and family.  The big friend that keeps me here is Cat.  I really don’t know how I am going to break that leash if I decide to move.

(I posted this vid cause I like it even though it has to deal with another AB.)

Well after a couple of months of trying to put this all together the mom is about to go out to see the boy, and then it would be some time before they could make it to Iowa.  So here I really had to think is this what I want to wait for, or not.  The answer to that question is no.  I really wish it could work out but so many different things, that would take a very long time to deal with, so sadly no. 

The second family that contacted me, lives in Pennsylvania.  Dad a Mom and a kid that knows all about this stuff.  I have not taken this one out of the picture, it’s just really hard to choose the best thing for me.

Third family would be in TN and that would be with that girl and her daddy.  Though I would have to move out to TN.  I think if i can get past the fact of wanting to stay out in Iowa, I will be a lot better.

fourth family lives on Long Island and is two friends that would love to have a baby.  They seem fun and would like to get to know more about them.

fifth family is one in Oregon, and seems like a really good family.  I have chatted with that daddy a lot.  It would be a daddy and a big bro, and they seem to have a lot set up.

A lot of people would say that is crazy 5 families like that?!?!  Well truth is I have at least 3 I have taken out of the equation.  On top of all else, I am just at a crossroads where I just need to figure out is this what i really want…….only time will tell.

Why I said why can’t this 4 months go by, that is when my lease, and thats when I have to find something or sign another agreement for a new place.  So in this next four months I have a lot of deciding to do.  I will also keep you guys updated the whole way.

A big question is what does my family think about all this.  Well my dad for one is all for me living my life I want to, as you all saw on TV he is into diversity quite a bit.  He is happy I am doing what I am doing and that is that.  My mom also just wants the best for me as well as my sister.  Would they be sad if I left to go to another state.  Of course the answer is yes……or I hope it is lol.

So there you have it, that’s about what has happened in my life over the course of this month.  Oh ya I passed my management test where I work and could land a role in there sooner or later, and that would make stuff even harder……..

Anyways thank you all for reading my blog, that’s all I got for nowz

Peace 🙂


About babybrett

I am an Adult baby that lives my life how i want.
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9 Responses to Why cant this 4 months go by OMG

  1. aby123abc says:

    nice to here from again an glad your fine an safe stay diaperd an just b you peace normybaby in fl

  2. babybrett says:

    Ya took me awhile been busy with alot of stuff sorry it took so long

  3. baby Chloe says:

    hope everything goes well for you and that you find the family who is absolutely perfect forr you! ❤ much love kiddo, and i know you're strong and can persevere through this time.

  4. Junior says:

    what website did you use to get familys to except for who you are ? adoption websites ?

  5. Alan says:

    Hi Baby Brett. My name is Baby Alan and I just wanted to thank you for going on Dr. Phil and representing the AB community. I have been into diapers since I was very young. I used to steal diapers from my childhood friend’s baby brother’s closet and put them on. Whenever I’d see toddlers in diapers I would get jealous. I still get that way. Like with you, it is nota sexual thing for me. I am not a pervert or a pedophile. I am just a toddler stuck in a 32 year old body. Thank you for bringing attention to this lifestyle. I also wanted to say that I’m sorry to hear about you and your gf.

  6. Craig says:

    Brett, you are such an inspiration to me. =) Because of you I feel no shame in wanting to live my life as a baby. Thank you so much.

  7. Trevor says:

    if you ever want help, I really think this is an avenue you need to try. I’m not trying to suggest that this is a mental illness or anything, I’m just saying that this sort of therapy is incredible strong and only needs to be done once. I’m a dl myself to a mild extent, so I understand the condition.

    • babybrett says:

      Ok……. I read into this, and frankly that looks scary as no other…..I love my life the way it is. I do not want to change at all, and have found people around me who love me for who I am. I read this as take a huge drug and get transformed? Sorry but that is not for me, I see other people that have to take drugs to stay the quote un quote sane, and it changes them. I feel I just am unique in my own way. On another note thank you for careing and sharing that with me.

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