Hmmmmm That was Interesting

Well it’s been about two weeks since the show has aired.  I have got through almost half of the 15,000 some that was sent to me.  For the most part I am in shock of how many people weren’t meant to me.  A lot of support, and live life the way you want.  The negative comments are more about me being self-absorbed wanting attention and narcistic.  Which I won’t deny that I don’t mind the attention, yes absorbed, a bit, but at the same time I went on to help people realize about a whole different side of things.  I just kinda wanted to sum up, how i am happy with stuff went with all that TV stuff, and hope people go to this blog to realize more than the 30 mins on TV.  Lastly some people are calling me a liar for why Cat and I went on the show.  We both went to spread awareness, nothing else.  You have to remember its a TV show, and that both Cat and I were in ahh of what ended up happening. We were definitely blindsided, but you have to remember its his show.

Now on to bigger things happening in my life.  For one I have so really great opportunities I can’t talk about, but can’t wait till I can.  🙂  I also had some other stuff happen in this last crazy week.  I had a trip planned to go to Tennessee, to meet these folks and see if that family was right for me.  Well with Cat backing out of going, the weather not looking good and the fact they wanted to basically keep me hidden from everything.  In my mind that doesn’t seem to be what I want.

So instead of going I got invited over to a friend’s house and were talking about how I want to find a family and such.  Then out of no where this person says, “why not me.”  Needless to say my jaw dropped, and then dropped more.  She cooked me an amazing meal, spoon fed it to me, then we went to my house.  We got their and it was pretty nuts, this woman knew exactly what to do for me.  When we got their she wanted me to go play, so I did.  She cleaned my sippies and stuff, and then watched some TV with me.  When we were watching TV Cat came in.  Cat was really defensive and wanting the best for me, as she did take care of me for quite some time.  I was afraid those two were going to get into it.  So I called off what I was doing and figured lets all go for a drink, seems to smooth stuff out.  Well we get there and each of them were in there separate chairs staying separate.  I really told each of them, I need them to get along, and they finally played some pool together.  After a couple of drinks we went home. 

When we got home this new person changed me and got me in my high chair and surprised me with some baby food apple sauce.  It was amazing that more than just Cat would ever do this for me.  After that we watched a lil more TV and then she tucked me in to bed and I really felt like I was in the right place.  In the morning Cat left, and I went up and watched Barney then Criminal Minds with this woman.  in between all that she fed me again, made sure I was clean and I got to play with toys everywhere.  After that 2 amazing days, this woman had to go back home, and ask her parents.  Sadly to find out, her Mom said this wouldn’t be the best for her right now.

I had so much fun in those 2 days, and was really hoping that, that was gonna be it, the family I had been looking for.  During all this I have had at least 4 families that want me,  but one keeps touching my heart more than the others.  They seem to be a good bunch and I would have 2 sisters, a mom and a dad.  I really hope they do decide to come out and live here, I would def think that, that would make me a very happy baby.  Sorry I didn’t go into detail more about those 2 days, but it made me feel better than ever.  When I am in my baby state, or what ever you want to call it, I don’t feel out-of-place, and that’s what I really seek in life. 

Some friends have asked me if I plan to date ever again, and that answer is this, yes when the time is right and the girl is right for me.  As of now I have a couple of things going but not sure on any of it.

That’s it for now, I have learned a lot of things from the experience, and I am happy I did it.


About babybrett

I am an Adult baby that lives my life how i want.
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10 Responses to Hmmmmm That was Interesting

  1. aby123abc says:

    hi bret im 49 going on 18months i have been a baby all my life since 5or 6 you an cat were very brave an i think the dr was very unfair the way he treated the 2 of you cause he was really trying to get cat to leave you so in my eyes hes the creap im in fl married an my wife hates im abdl oh well were probly filing for a devorce soon i should of never told her my desirers she was fine at first then turned on me so i do understand im like you a lot i have same dreams as you an wish i had the crib an other stuf if im ever on my own again i will love your new friend normybaby happy googoo to you

  2. pinnellipee d says:

    One day at a time is all we can ask for.

  3. Stephanie says:

    Excuse me you would have 3 sisters, can’t forget me. =)

  4. jimmy says:

    Brett, thanks for being so brave as to open up for your lifestyle. I would hope more folks will accept us now……………I have had the same desires since about 5 years old…….and identify with you so much. I have shared these desires with many and often been accepted. You will find another mommy .

    I am always a baby underneath my adult appearance. If you ever want to contact me my email is

  5. Mommiwhat? says:

    This warrants a reality show !!

  6. ABtyme says:

    Baby Brett…

    Thanks for what you have done by going on Dr. Phil’s show. Thanks for sharing your story and being so smart, honest, confident and articulate – and for not backing down as to who you truly are on the inside. You are an inspiration to all of us adult babies and you make us all realize that being yourself is the most important thing – it’s a life of honesty and happiness that counts rather than fear and shame. And thanks for living the life that is truly yours – wearing diapers full time, dressing how you want and being open to your friends and family. I’m also stuck as a baby (toddler in my case) and I have had similar positive experiences with acceptance. But you going public like you did on Dr. Phil is a true inspiration to so many ABs of all ages everywhere. It’s a difficult life to balance being emotionally and psychologically stuck as a toddler in an adult’s body but I think having accepting and open-minded friends and family is part of it making it work and achieving happiness. And, the good news is that staying in diapers, sleeping in cribs and dressing and living as your true self is not harmful and actually pretty innocent. You are single-handedly clearing up negative myths about ABs. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


  7. glitz says:

    You are one sick fuck and anyone who thinks you aren’t is also, seriously fucked.

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