I Am Me, Choice Or No Choice

Well I have done my research and I just wanted to make everyone aware that this blog is about me.  Every adult baby is different whether they are silent and private about it, or the exact opposite which is like me.  The big thing people need to realize is that people will be who they want to be.  Others will hide their whole life.

This was actually at my grandparents house

The big discussion that has went on is, is this a choice?  You will have half the adult babies say yes it is a choice.  Then you have the other side that says no it’s not.  Well lets look at the facts.  First off there is a lot a different theories of how someone gets infantilism.  I think something happened somewhere in your life to make you stuck in this mode.  Do I believe some of it is a choice, yes.  Do I believe all of it is a choice no.  Let me tell ya what I think is a choice.  Your choice to accept what you have is a big factor.  After that yes I did choose to make my life better.  Everyone is guilty in some way of trying to make their life better.  Whether its something they want or believe they need.

To me I believe I need a crib and high chair.  I believe I need diapers because I am a 18 month old baby stuck in an adult’s body.  That is my take on things.  Like I said everyone is different.  Some people will get so angry that they choose to be shut off about the whole thing while others will choose to have fun with what you have.  Life is a choice, whether you choose to embrace or hide its up to you.

Guess I was asleep cute pic though

I go back to when I was a kid I randomly started stealing baby things, why, I don’t know.  I figure something triggered something, and that’s how this all happened.  Now do I think I have the choice to just stop everything…….no I don’t.  I actually tried to stop everything once when I was younger and let me tell ya those were dark days.  You can stop looking at your life and wonder why you do these things.  It really is still a mystery to today where or how adult babies come to be.  It’s all theories and nothing more.

This is the ABDL triangle it shows the differ between the 2

One thing I hope happens in the years to come is some actual doctor research on everything.  The stuff that is on the internet is of people talking about their lifes but this shows no research that its completely a fetish, or completely something mental.  To me its in-between.  See this site that I will link on here and will put on my blog site, shows basically any and everything you want to know. http://understanding.infantilism.org

It states right on top that Infantilism is often mistaken as a fetish, so who knows what the real thing is without some research.


About babybrett

I am an Adult baby that lives my life how i want.
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5 Responses to I Am Me, Choice Or No Choice

  1. pinnellipee d says:

    If it is to come to completion then my choice is ignored.

  2. babybrett says:

    Can u elaborate that for me, trying to figure out what you said

  3. Daniel says:

    Just wanted to let you know how much I like your blog. I hope you keep writing.


  4. baby Chloe says:

    it’s not something you choose… it’s something that happens to you… why stop, and change, if it doesn’t make you happy? be who you are, and nothing less…

  5. dino says:

    ive come up with my own theory on being ab which is,its like being gay as you can either accept it and live your life the way you want it or let it eat you up and ignore your feelings for it, but sooner or later your feelings for it come back as its not something which can be cured or forgotten about like other stuff in life, so its best accept it and be happy for being you. thats the way i look at things no one can judge anyone as were all different in life.

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