Struggles Daily Life

Before I get into this subject, I just want to say that what Cat and Have is special.  We have a quite different relationship that makes us have a baby/mommy gf/bf relationship.  Cat cares for me like she would her own kid, since I pretty much am one 50ish % of the time.

So when you think of struggles it can be small or big everyone does have them.  My struggles are quite different and I’d love to share them with you.  First off lets start with the biggest one.  Going to work/school.  Believe it or not but working and school is beyond hard for me to get pumped up everyday.  Anyone who knows me at work would not even know the ritual I do to make myself want to get there.  People at my work right now would tell you I am a hard-working individual that will do anything for anyone.  Now when you see me at work you see a “normal” person doing their job, in reality I have so much going on through my head.

When I get ready for work, first I have to slip out of the baby clothes, whether it is with Cat’s help or not.  If she is there she usually helps me get ready for work because it can be really tough.  I make sure I’m all clean and that I have everything with me.  Without Cat I would be lost.  She is my organizer to the max.  She usually will drive me down depends on the day but this helps me get ready and relax.  Before I leave I usually have my pacifier in my pocket and try to pump myself up.  You have to realize going to work is really tough for me.  I would rather stay at home (more than the normal person) and be treated how I think it really should be.  I have to keep thinking to myself have to pay the bills.  After I am at work my friends there are so nice, they make me feel at home.  I make sure that most people know what I have or am going through, and am the complete opposite of most adult babies.  A big thing that makes me feel at home is I do wear diapers 24/7.  A lot of times I even will wear a onesie underneath my clothing, this helps me think everything is ok.  I have grown to be somewhat incontinent over the years, but really that doesn’t affect me to much, because I already am wearing protection.  Soon as I’m at work I usually stay longer than anyone.  Which if you look at it, its like why does he stay after he pumped himself up for work this whole day.  Well its simple I am a very helpful guy who likes to make sure things are done before I leave.

When I was in school (college) it was quite difficult too.  Again no one would guess the stuff I had to go through.  Cat for one just tried to help me the best she ever could.  I was a really smart guy, but at the same time I rather be at home chewing on a toy or something.  I did end up skipping some classes to try to balance stuff out.  Finally Cat made a baby schedule for me.  This put structure in my life, and made me happy, more than you can believe.  The schedule had everything from nap time to feeding to playing to bathing, she really is one of a kind.

I might as well hit this sense, really it’s not a struggle for me but for a lot of people it is.  I said I wear diapers 24/7, well I also use them for there intended purpose.  The thing is somewhere in my brain says this is right and that won’t change.  I have grown somewhat incontinent that can put you in awkward positions, but I also am able to change very discreetly with in the time it takes someone to go to the bathroom if not quicker.  I have had some instances where Cat and I are out and I really don’t even think about it and will have an accident here or there.  Cat will just smile and say something cute and help me through it.  She has gained a mother sense as well as a good gf sense.  She loves me for who I am and that’s all anyone could ever ask for.

Next and this might be the big one is doing stuff by myself.  I am a very dependent person, which does suck sometimes but again Cat makes it just fine.  I eat 5 meals a day, 2 baby whether its baby food or graduates, I eat something.  Then I eat 3 big boy meals a day.  Two times a day I am fed in my high chair if not more, and the other 3 are usually cooked and handed to me.  I drink out of sippy constantly and quite soda at the beginning of last year.  I drink V8 Splash and A LOT of it.  Somehow Cat has made me graduate to sippy’s.  I have no idea how but I still do like my ba ba’s at night-time.  She does everything in her power to make sure my sippy is full no matter what.  Which if you saw this, its pretty amazing. When she is at work to long I can forget to feed myself quite often, and then she comes home and asks and I’m like whoops.

The big question a lot of people asked is does she change you.  Answer is about 80% of the time yes.  She checks me around every 3 hours and talks just like a mommy talks to a baby.  She even made up this thing how the cookies have to go to the factory, I’ll let you decide what cookies and factory are LOL.  When its time for a bath she does bathe me, we have fun bath time with toys and everything.  I even do use baby products for that. 

Lastly nap times and bed times.  I am just like any other baby, I DON’T LIKE THEM!!!!!!!  It is sometimes hard for me to get in bed to the point where Cat will read me a story, play with me try to settle me down.  A big thing she has done is when she picks me up from work she brings my baby blanket my favorite book and a comfort toy to make me get sleepy by the time we get home.  This actually is probably the most effective thing she has done

Those are just some of the bigger struggles I have day-to-day.  I also have other struggles that everyone else does, and even with all I said there that’s just the big ones for my babyside.  Anyways this was kind of one of my bigger posts.  I hope you enjoyed it and I hope to post again soon.  Thank you again for the comments and emails, I really am happy I have the guts to do this for every adult baby out there.  I’ll leave this with a funny saying I saw on Facebook.  Isn’t that the truth!!!


About babybrett

I am an Adult baby that lives my life how i want.
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11 Responses to Struggles Daily Life

  1. pinnellipee d says:

    Strange, I was just thinking how long the post was and then You stated it.
    I miss the times with my wife-Now ex.
    So glad for You and Cat.

  2. Mommiwhat? says:

    After reading this post, I’m thinking you should stop calling it “infantilism” and just go with what it really is……”laziness”. It reminds me of controlling, lazy men who prey on women with self esteem issues so they will be at their beck and call. Of course your situation takes it to the sickest extreme. But I am very curious, did you have abandonment issues as a child? Was your mom/dad around when you needed them? Did you come from an unstable home environment or did your parents fight/break up a lot? What I’m saying is that something triggered this behavior….what? I know children have ways of masking or dealing with pain. I used to pretend I was someone else when my parents would fight, it helped me cope. If this is a coping mechanism, what were you coping with? Obviously you have taken this to an extremely weird and disturbing point. What does your family think of all of this?? Do you have siblings? Did you think about how going on Dr Phil? How they are going to be treated now? I hope you get help…
    Good luck on the “mommy quest”. You’re going to need it…..

    • babybrett says:

      Where to start……………….Well if it was laziness I wouldnt be doing this at all. This is a choice to some degree but at the same time I feel like I am stuck. Cat and I got together 6 yrs ago and after she came back to me the first time, she enabled my baby side more then people could imagine. I really wasnt abandoned as a child. My mom and dad were loving and caring, some times they would fight but thats every family. My family is actually really supportive, and yes if you read I have 1 sister. Yes I thought of what and how they would be treated but had to look at the bigger picture that, this isnt just me who does this stuff there is 1000s more. I don’t know bout help and ty for the luck on the mommy quest I actually go with Cat to see a family next week.

      Also to your other post, I thought your first was full of wonderful questions, your second one……not so much so I have deleted it.

      Thanks for posting 🙂

  3. baby Chloe says:

    as i said before to you, sweetie. You are a very strong little boy. i have never had to deal with going to scool or work.. my mummy homeschooled my till the 7th grade, and i don’t have to work. actually i can’t work… I admire what you doo, little one! Love always, ~Baby Chloe Soopahmom!~

  4. Mrs. K says:

    After reading this blog ( and other parts of your blog ) I can see a repetitive and connection to everything you say. It’s all about YOU! You are probably one of the most Self indulged, narcissist I have ever seen and read about. Your “choice” and it is a lifestyle choice is centered around how YOU can be treated, cared for, loved…etc.

    You should be ashamed of yourself to ask or even accept the sacrifices your partner/girlfriend made just so again, YOU could be happy. If you want someone to do everything for you then hire someone! I am very glad your girlfriend finally figured out what her future would entail if she stayed with you. If you write that it had nothing to do with your desire to be a baby you’re lying to yourself and others by writing that in your blog.

    Do whatever YOU want, but be honest to others and yourself about why you like this choice to live like a baby. And if you have any respect for yourself and a future partner consider hiring someone to fill the shoes of mommy. To ask your partner is so very unfair and self indulgent.

    I think you need professional help. To justify why you do what you because others do this is ridiculous ! It doesn’t make it right. Have you ever sought out to as why you want to live like a baby? It’s not normal. And I mean that in the sense that it is not mentally normal.

    The end.

    • babybrett says:

      First off Cat didnt leave me because of this, and there was more to it then what the show said. ALSO this blog is about my baby life and dealing with it and such, thus its around me. My X gf was quite an enabler to and put me into the role I am now. Before she cheated on me for playing world of warcraft to much, it was a pretty 50/50 on the adult and baby side. After she came back she decided to make my fantasy come true, and when doing that made me very dependent on her. The show can only show so much, as it is Cat still hangs around with me, and we have fun as friends. As for a future mommy she probly will post on this sooner or later, because I have found someone and she will love me for who I am.

      As for professional help, if you look around unless you want it, it cant happen, and I LOVE my life. Any other questions or comments are fine, thanks for ur comment 🙂

  5. KC says:

    Are you a virgin?

  6. Craig says:

    Wow, most of the comments above are insanely offensive and quite disturbing. Seriously, those people deserve no happiness. I can’t stand bigots like that…..Sorry for posting on an old post, but I really loved it and most of the comments are just terrible.

    • babybrett says:

      You got to remember people have opinions and they are just that. I live my life they live theres. I can filter comments before i put them live, but i believe everyone has the right to talk about what they want, so I approve every comment and even give a good reply to each one

      • Craig says:

        I can respect that. I kinda have problems dealing things like teasing and stuff, I have always been teased. I just don’t like people saying such things for something harmless, but I really respect you for responding to each one in a positive way. I probably could not do the same.

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