My girlfriend Catherine, or Cat for short and I have always went with one saying.  We learned this in marketing class from a very smart person.  WIFM, or whats in it for me.  After multiple people responded to me via email, and asked about my girlfriends response to why she stays with me, I decided to just ask her.  So what is in it for her?

Before we go into this detail, lets turn back to how our relationship progressed to regress if that makes sense.  Cat and I met around age 17ish, I knew her from school, I had went through a few girlfriends, one in particular, that crushed my heart.  The thing a lot of people didn’t realize was that I was dealing with 2 big things being a teenager, and trying to figure out why I wanted to be a baby again.  I actually opened up to my last girlfriend before Cat, and well she dumped me not too much after.

Anyways back to the story.  Cat got hired at the place I worked, and I actually trained  her a bit.  For those 2 weeks when she first got hired I knew that I had a major crush on her.  Well I was quite mean to her……I tend to do that to people I like for some reason.  Well after we flirted back and forth for what seemed to be a life time I finally asked her out.  Our first date was not the best, she picked around her food and ate like 2 bites.  I could easily see chemistry though.  So her and I went on these little dates for a while, and then it hit me one night.  That I was head over heels for this girl and couldn’t get her out of my head.  We started going to dances together and more and more.  Then one night I got kicked out of my house and asked if I could live with her.  I could see by this point that we both loved each other soooooo much.  It wasn’t too much longer that I had to tell her I didn’t have a baby cousin and that it was me.  She asked if I was a pedophile, I said no, and told her all I know.  What is weird about all this is, this didn’t make not want to be with me.  In fact she started babying me and having fun with it.  She didn’t even blink an eye when I told her.  RIGHT THEN AND THERE I KNEW SHE WAS THE ONE!  I for one do believe in love at first sight because it happened to Cat and I both.

So now that you have the little cut background why does she stay with me.  I had Cat and I play a game last night called 10 reasons you stay with and love me.  Then I talked to a friend today online, and they made me realize something.  Love is unconditional and the person that loves you will love you through thick and thin.  They will love you for who you are not what you wear, do act.  Yes relationships are a balance, and I think our balance is pretty decent.  So just to help people who don’t realize why she stays with me I’ll throw out the list here for fun.

  1. Your personality
  2. How your true to yourself
  3. How you accept me even after all the faults I made
  4. How bubs is so cute
  5. How he can be so nice to me in makes me crazy
  6. When we are out together we always have something to talk about
  7. I love my baby for who he is, and am happy just the way things are
  8. At times feeding, diaper changing and such can be rough but when I see his eyes it makes it all worth it.
  9. One of the big reasons I stay with you is that we have come along so far, and you have helped me through rough roads and I have helped you.
  10. People may think that its 1 sided but I actually have the love that an actual mommy does, and at the same time I have the love for that an actual girlfriend has.  My best friend is right, love is unconditional and the balance between our relationship is the love from both sides.

Those were Cat’s 10 reasons and I also have mine, but I’ll leave that for another post.  As you can see our relationship is different.  We have a kinda mixed role relationship that works out.  Hope that answers the questions of the people who emailed me.  Also want to thank the people who emailed me for such a good subject.


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I am an Adult baby that lives my life how i want.
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4 Responses to WIFM(Catherine)

  1. Shelby says:

    Love is unconditional! I’m glad our conversation this morning helped you write this blog. Catherine has been one of my very best friends since we were little kids. I remember when she very first told me about everything that was going on. I didn’t bother asking her why she stays with you because I already knew. You’re a wonderful person and the things you choose to do in your free time (as long as they don’t hurt anyone) don’t change that. Catherine just happens to be a wonderful person too… so you’re lucky.

  2. Laura says:

    I love reading your blog. Cat sounds awesome and just wonderful. Your are pretty great yourself….a really, really nice and kind person. I’m so glad you’re happy. 🙂 HUGS!

  3. DBJon says:

    You are a lucky guy to have Cat. But remember, you need to give her what she needs just as much as you need her to give you what you need. It can’t all be about Baby Brett. Make sure that you do her a little kindness everyday.

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