Normal Day For Me

A normal day for me is quite a bit different than most people.  When you look at me you see a normal 24-year-old male, who has a seemingly normal life.  There is a bit a difference though, and it does make life a lot different.  When I wake up in the morning it is usually after my girl friend Catherine. 

She usually has the TV already turned to PBS, and has most of her things done.  This is not always the case sometimes I wake up before her too.  First thing she does is check to see the condition of my diaper.  She usually does this when I’m asleep or waking up.  She then will get my Clothes for the day, usually baby clothes and hang up my work clothes for later.  She then will proceed to wake me up, and let me watch my shows for a bit, while she gets breakfast.

When she decides whats for breakfast, usually baby food of some sort, she puts me in my high chair locks it down, throws a bib on me and starts to feed me.  After breakfast she puts me onto the changing pad/table.(still working on that)  Gives me something to play with so I don’t fuss while getting changed.  She usually gives me my favorite book where I can feel how a lizard feels.  For some reason this is really fun for me.  After she gets a clean diaper on she proceeds to dress me, again so I don’t fuss she will give me something to play with.  Today she dressed me in a onesie and snap pants.  She has to still work so usually after that she lets me run wild.


Depends on the day I can either be a good baby or bad.  It really just depends on how I feel that day.  If she doesn’t work we usually go to the mall or somewhere public and do the whole baby/mommy thing which in my eyes I think she enjoys more than me.  Usually somewhere in there, we figure out somewhere to go new.  We have went fishing and even just hung in a park.  There is plenty more we want and will do but, a lot of people find it socially not acceptable to do this.  Again if we were all normal it would be boring so people need to lighten up. 

After were done with our outing she usually will open my toy bin and I get to play with numerous toys, she sometimes plays with me.  We will do everything from itsy bitsy spider to patty cake.  Like a normal baby, if she has the day off it’s what I like to do.  It’s what I feel is right to do.

She will read stories to me as well as turn on the baby monitor during my naps.  After naps I usually get to just cuddle with her, I might be destructive, just depends on the day.  Sometimes will go out to eat, as mommy/baby and sometimes as boyfriend girlfriend.  Fact of it is, it almost feels like we live 2 lives sometimes but have fun doing both.  A big thing that a lot of AB’s want is 24/7 babycare.  I for one wouldn’t mind that either just to try it.  I reality that is something that just can’t happen as of yet.  As of right now I am 24/7 diapers and she probably changes a god 80% of those.  She is beyond a treasure for me and one day we will be married.

People have asked why she stays with me, what benefit is in for her.  The fact is she loves her bubs(me), and that’s basically it.  People shouldn’t judge who you are with, without taking a look into our lives and seeing that we do have a good relationship.  It is a lot different but it is a good one.


About babybrett

I am an Adult baby that lives my life how i want.
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4 Responses to Normal Day For Me

  1. Mrs. K says:

    It’s not normal. I think you need to look into Councelling and figure out why you have this desire. You can keep pretending it’s okay, but it’s not. And I think deep down you know that too. I hope you seek professional help.

  2. Tina says:

    at least put up a webcam so some of us can get a good laugh

  3. dino says:

    good blog id love to try the 24/7 baby thing as well sometime but like everything in life its not possible best of luck with your abdl life.

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