Highchair part2

As I finished in my last post I said we were getting to a closer product.  My friend was wanting to get this done, as much as I was.  So we got to having everything but a tray together.

So this is a pic of the high chair.  As you can see it is very high off the ground.  This whole design was done by my friend and I, and it seemed to be coming together pretty well.  Now we had to find a food tray, and to do that we had to think.  I figured out you could get a TV tray, and take off the top, but then came the tough part of trying to connect it to the rest of the high chair.  We ended up using really small pieces of wood at the bottom and making nudges in the arms in 3 different places.  This made it so there were 3 different modes it could be on, loose normal and tight.  After going through 3 drill bits because they kept burning off, we were done.

As you can see I’m chowing down on what looks like to be banana’s.  I wanted to do one better though.  When you look at all the baby high chairs, they have waterproof covers.  So I first started going and emailing the big companies.  This led me no where because they basically said no.  So I started going online looking for any and everything possible to see what was out there.  After a hard search I had it down to 3 sites, so i emailed them all.  First site called me a sicko……..so that was a no.  Second site said she didn’t think she could do it.  Now the 3rd site was open arms to the idea, but it would be one of her most challenging things ever.  Well we started this in July, she has a very busy life and has had some health problems so I feel for her.  She said its done and just needs mailed, so I can’t wait!!!  After I get it I will throw up a pic of that.  Well that concludes my high chair madness, now I have a high chair AND a crib, can’t wait to create more.


About babybrett

I am an Adult baby that lives my life how i want.
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4 Responses to Highchair part2

  1. chontel says:

    What does your mother think of all this? Did you not get any love Brett from your parents when your were a kid. Don;t you want a normal life with a family and what about sex. do you masturbate????????????

    • babybrett says:

      My mother is fine with this, very supportive and no I really dnt need sex, dont masturbate and i qualify what im doing perfectly normal to me and can still have a family of some sort. Thanks for the comment 🙂

  2. artur says:

    excellent work I want to do a highchair cause I have a crib and also want a changing table now that im moving with my gf. greetings from mexico

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