On with the Highchair

Right after the Crib was made it was time to get going on the high chair.  I decided that i would make my own blueprint up for this, as the other was to costly at the time.  After scanning online for a high chair that would fit an adult and not finding one, I was sad.  So I heard that wood high chairs could sometimes fit adults, so I started searching on Craigslist.  I actually told people exactly what I wanted and asked if it fit an adult.  Most said that it wouldn’t, but then i thought why not try to build my own.  So after looking at countless stores and going online to try to find a bar stool with arms(VERY RARE)

I decided let’s do like we did with the crib, just make one.  I started with the wood I had left over from the crib.  I then made a pattern that in my eyes was exactly what I wanted.  Well the only problem was making it.  I’m not good with power tools or anything of that sort.  I asked my roommate but he had just finished the crib and didn’t want to do the high chair for quite some time.  So I asked on of my best friends, and he said he could do it.  We started thinking it would be a lot smaller than it started to turn out.

This is the start of it, you can tell that it’s actually really high off the ground.  We wanted it 3 feet off, it ended almost being 3.75 off, which in the long run worked.  This is the base, but we needed to see if it held the weight of at least me.  So I blindly jumped on top praying it wouldn’t break.  That would have been a 4ft fall and could have really done something.  Also would have been interesting to tell the hospital/family.  Needless to say it held my weight and we were on to the tough part.

After a dozen trips to Lowes, again we finally were getting close to a final product.

Here is a pic of me going to Lowes, yes that is a onesie.  I feel like why do I need to hide who I am, no one should hide who they are.

Well this is all the time I have for now, I will update this post when I get home from /sigh work, but ya got to pay the bills since life isn’t free.


About babybrett

I am an Adult baby that lives my life how i want.
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2 Responses to On with the Highchair

  1. pinnellipee d says:

    Cool! so I’m not the only one. I just wonder how deep I would be into myself if I were not living with my parents.

  2. babybrett says:

    Ya, I live with one saying, Live life once live it to your fullest. That is something i do, for the most part.

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