23rd Bday

I had grown a lot, or not grown you get to choose.  By 23 most of my family knew what was  going on and most of my close friends knew.  My 23rd Bday was when i started drinking a bit too much but all an all having a lot of fun in life.  After about 4 months of this I decided to quit drinking like that as that was not the road for me.  By my 23rd Bday I had over 40 articles of baby clothing.  and had a real baby crib and high chair.

There is a pic, of the actual baby crib i have, it was a toddler crib that was 5ft long.  For my health this wasn’t the best because im 6 ft long.  When I turned 23 I said to myself I want to live my life with no fears at all.  So i decided to type to some shows and see if I could help the awareness for Adult Babies everywhere.  Well sooner or later one of the shows got back to me, and that adventure began.  I also decided I really don’t care who knows anymore so I was completely open with everyone I knew.  Most people didn’t care and im sure a lot of people have talked behind my back, but that’s just human nature.

We met up with a friend we had not talked to for a while and found out that we were becoming really good friends with this friend again.  This friend had a 1.5 year old and made cat and I think about really wanting kids.  She welcomed us into her home, and we practically lived there some days we loved this friend so much.  This friend even allowed me to come dressed in baby clothes.  I never even thought twice about it, because she made me feel so comfortable at her house.  When I came in baby clothes it usually had onesie pants(snap long pants) and I usually kept my hoody on.  This person also is who gave me the idea to get my voice out there and gave me the courage to do so, and for this i thank them.  About christmas time, we go over exchange gifts, she said ours was still in the mail.  We made her probably the best christmas gift I could ever think of.  I made a poem about friends and about her baby, and Cat decided to use her crafting skills and framed it really nicely with a pic of her and her baby.  We gave this to her and she said see you guys next week.

Well Sadly their was never a next week.  There was never a next month, she just took us out of her life like it was nothing.  I find out later that it’s because her BF thinks that me having infantilism was bad for there kid.  To be honest i might have crossed the line with the baby clothes and I tried apologising with that, but to no avail.  But a big misconception is that if you have infantilism you are a pedophile.  This is not true at all, and I think this is how I lost one of the best friends I had in some time.

This happened right when i graduated college, and now, I was a mess.  My structure was gone and one of my best friends in the whole world taken away from me like that!  It was a rough depressing time, because i for one do not like work at all.  More than a normal individual.  So i did try reaching out to this person, and as silly as it is, I still try to keep that person in the loop about whats happening now.  All I ask is a second chance but I doubt that happening 😦  This is probably one of my most hated things that has happened to me with infantilism, losing a friend like this hit me really hard.  But you learn to move on and im still working on that to this day.

I decided it was time to work on some of my adult baby things, and started searching the web.  I came across these plans that one of my good friends had on the internet.  http://www.bedwettingabdl.com/CRIB.html

So now that i had the plans, I needed some help on making the crib because im am not a wood worker.  My roommate decided that he was bored and would gladly help with making the crib.  So we went to lows over 10 times to get the right stuff for this crib.  After about 2 3 weeks he had created it all.  In the mean time I went out got a twin size mattress and some pretty babyish twin size sheets and a mattress protector, because sometimes diapers don’t do their job.  🙂  I ended up finding some zoo prints that had a matching pillow case cover for pretty cheap.  After we got the crib together we had to make the lock mechanism to make it slide up and down, this took another week or so because we all had pretty busy lives.  After about a month it was done and I was happier than ever.  To finally not hurt my legs and be in what is and looks like a crib was one of the best feelings in my life.

This was the start of it, now i have everything from bumpers to night lights.

This is me one morning and cat taking a pic of me before im awake for the day.  She does this a lot she likes to keep a baby diary of me, which is pretty cute.


About babybrett

I am an Adult baby that lives my life how i want.
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