Moving Out!!!!

Cat and I finally moved out to Ames in a 3 bedroom Apt, with another friend from Highschool.  This gave me and her SOOOOOO much freedom it was insane.  I finally didn’t have to hide or anything, I could do what ever I wanted.  This is the first time I decided to go on eBay and start searching for adult baby clothes.  I got my first onesie after cat and I decided on an Elmo one that was light weight, for the first year I had accumulated a bit of items but not near what I have today.

After the first year I also used my Kohl’s gift cards I got for Christmas to buy a crib.  At this point I was pretty much still “In the Nursery” about having Infantilism.  I had told my main friends and some people I trusted at work.  By the way never trust anyone at work unless you want everyone to find out lol.  I trusted the wrong person and they decided to blab their mouth to some people, at this point I was a little angry of what had went on.  I had progressed to regress a lot this year, and even started to get a collection of toys going.  During this year I was in college and working full-time too, so really was a crazy year.


About babybrett

I am an Adult baby that lives my life how i want.
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