Age 19-22

More and more I got to have more of a fun time being a baby and an adult.  My baby clothes started out weighing my adult clothes and I had more baby things then adult.

This is all my onesies, rompers snap pants footies and lots more.  Yes it is a lot and yes I probably have spent quite a lot of money as this stuff is not cheap, ranging anywhere from 30 to 90 dollars an item.  I also spend a lot on diapers, and other things too.  I had also got lucky with how much Cat(my gf) actually babies me.  Around age 20 she really got into treating me as a baby to the fullest and even being a great mother like figure to me.  By age 22 I was living a life that most adult babies dreamed about, but who knew that, that was only the beginning.


About babybrett

I am an Adult baby that lives my life how i want.
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One Response to Age 19-22

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