Age 13-16

At age 13 I had come to realize that I really liked baby objects, and even acting like a baby would.  Well being a smart 13-year-old i decided to start wetting the bed on purpose to try to get diapers or pull-ups of any sort.  after a couple of months my mom gave in and got me goodnites.  This didn’t mean I wasn’t trying to get stuff myself too because I was.  Age 16 my mom and dad caught what I had been hiding and to be honest my dad completely cool of it.  My mom on the other hand was just trying to accept it.  At this time I think my parents thought it was a phase or something.

By age 16 I had told all my best friends at the time, and my parents.  I had also started a new job that meant I had funds to try to get what i wanted.  Many a day I would play sick from school just so I could be at home and watch little kid programs like Sesame Street and such.  For me it was harder to go to school then people probably think, as it is harder for me to want to work, but i have done it for years.  In school it was hard to define why i was there, when all that was in my head was wanting to be a baby again.  A lot of days i wore diapers to school with out people knowing, and even used them more than once.  I had almost a fantasy of going to the nurses office and seeing what would happen.  One time I even went in there with a soiled diaper on but just decided to get a pill for a headache.  To this day I really don’t know what would have happened.  After my parents found out that I had faked bed wetting they stopped buying me stuff really thinking it was a phase.


About babybrett

I am an Adult baby that lives my life how i want.
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