The Start of Baby Brett

Welcome to my new blog I hope to cover my babyside of me in this, as well as a look into issues concerning ABDL’s today.  Some background on me would probably be a good way to start this.

I was born in Ames, Iowa with two loving parents.  I have had a pretty decent life to be honest.  From what I’ve been told and not sure, but I had a good baby life, and nothing really happened that would cause me to have this what ever it is (Infantilism).  Some people think that it is a trigger from your past child hood history of where you were treated wrong or abused, this is not the case for me.

There are three places that I can recall that might have sparked it but I just don’t know.  The first would have been in Ames, Iowa I must have been maybe 5 to 8.  My sister had a problem so she had to be in pull-ups and i remember me getting a little jealous of that, to the point that my sister and i made a club called the DP club, only my sister and i knew about this club for years.  Our code word for diapers was socks, and other baby things.

The second place i recall was when i couldn’t be more than 10.  I had some how wanted baby things all over again, and at this age you really don’t know what is going on.  I stole some of my moms money went over to the Harlens and grabbed what i thought the biggest pack at the time.  I faintly remember me being very nervous and wanting to get out of the store as soon as possible.  I ran home as quickly as I could and remember hiding the diapers on top of my bunk bed.  I very faintly remember me putting one on and waking up the next day with baby powder all over the ground.  After that I really don’t know what happened as my memory is only so good.  I do remember that the diaper had a nice cute duck on it and it was plastic base back then.

Lastly there was a time when I couldn’t be more than 7-10 not sure when, but my cousin and I were at my grandparents house, my aunt Krista had a new baby and I remember nabbing some of those diapers, but before that my cousin and I played a truth or dare game.  It was late at night and of course I always would choose dare.  He dared me to pee my pants at first I was in a little shock as it wouldn’t have been the first time that I have explored in this area.  I said only if you poop yours, well needless to say my cousin was tricky he put batteries down his pants to look like a big lump.  So I soaked the bed, he reported it to everyone right away and even made fun of me to his boy scout friends the next day.  The weird thing about this was I didn’t care I liked the baby feel.  Later I would find out that my cousin was a DL(diaper lover).


About babybrett

I am an Adult baby that lives my life how i want.
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