Sorry blogs gotta go!

Sorry blogs gotta go!

I know I havnt written on here anyways, but here is why.  I am starting a new job where I have to, as us ABs say go vanilla.  Meaning I am still out there just cant be on a blog prancing around.  I would like to thank everyone who kept me going for as long as I did.  If you want my FL account hit me up at and I will give it to ya.  Again take care and was fun, but time vanilla it up.

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Ok Well here it is!

So I said a little while ago how I was gonna basically stop this blog and did.  I had some angry people who I just ignored, and some people just wanting it back.  I do want to say that this blog will no longer be talking about my life with my GF/Mommy, instead it will be talking about stuff we may be doing together, or a trip we plan an other stuff like that.  It might even be just what I did in the baby side of me that day.

Salem chillin in the crib

So I ended up going to a big AB event, where I got to meet a lot of ABs and have fun, and really figure out you are not alone.  I already knew I wasn’t alone but it is a different feeling when you see that.  This event was set up so well and the organizers did a great job.  I am just calling it an event because I do not have permission to say other wise at this time.

Yes there is a dress there.  I am learning about compromises and if it makes my GF happy then I am willing.

Yes there is a dress there. I am learning about compromises and if it makes my GF happy then I am willing.

Anyways I got asked to speak and do a class at this event and was very happy to.  The weeks before I was kinda wondering what people would think of me.  The big thing is that, I have not really been reaching out to meet new people till Wisconsin.  So going here and meeting a bunch of people who already know me and me not knowing them was going to be interesting.  Two weeks before I went to this event I headed down to a lunch to hang with others like me.  I was afraid there to, but generally everyone was nice, and found out that I am a pretty ok guy myself.  I really clicked with a lot of the people down there, and just wish it wasnt a two-hour trip.

The days before the event were coming and I was just afraid of people not liking me.  As I was heading down to the event with a friend, I was just thinking in my head what I really was going to talk about, and to not talk to long and make sure I left time for people to Q&A me.  We get there check in, and I start meeting people I talked to online but never met in person.  When I went into the play room to see that many people like me was great.  It really does help you even when you really don’t care what people think, to see that many people was cool.

I ended up trying to introduce myself to a bunch of people, and were talking with them all on adult levels.  I was sad because my GF didn’t come to this event with me for a couple of reasons.  It was quite funny, I ended up going to a restaurant with some people I knew and one I didn’t know.  At that restaurant this person took the daddy role hardcore, and we clicked.  Before people flip out, I was pretty discreet there.  After that I knew that I would have a lot of friends after this event.  I can’t talk about what happened really at this event, because its like Vegas, what happens here stays here type thing, but I can tell you that I found out a lot of people liked babying me, but 1 in particular, we just meshed.  I can say after my class, I learned quite a bit, and I really have to say this event made my life 100% better.  I had a lot of hard deep questions to answer, and I would say I did pretty good.

Again I really could write a book on that weekend alone, but I got to see that a lot of people liked me, and a lot of people got a wrong impression off the show I was on.  So back to reality, and that has changed a bit to, I now get babied a little more and have loved my life a lot more ever since this event.  It really opened my eyes and my GF’s eyes also.

So where does this leave me now?  Well I am going to be doing a couple pretty cool things soon here.  I am for one going to be starting a group for other AB’s in the area that just want help with regressing or hanging out and doing things.  I really want to start my clothing business up, I just need people to quit bailing on me.  Lastly I just want to be happy.  If someone asked how I was before this event and after it, I can tell ya it would be night and day.

Nice meal my GF/mommy fixed me

Nice meal my GF/mommy fixed me

On a last note I was talking with a good friend and they think that I might not be 18 months after all.  They think I am more around the 9 month age.  To be honest I think they are right. “lol” Well that’s it for now, but I will probably be posting more of a day-to-day thing, about what happened when I was babied or fun Ideas I have, and of course as a lot of people like anyways there will always be more pictures.

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Sorry guys :(

Well as it goes now, I have not posted for many reasons.  The biggest reason is my life is my life and no one elses.  I have had quite a bit of people wondering what I do day to day.  What my relationship is with Teisha.  If we broke up so they can have me.  Well as of for now, if I write on a blog it will be on stuff besides my life.  At this point in my life I need to really look at others lifes and how it affects them, me talking about my life.  I will blog about other stuff, but as far as my personal life with my relationship goes that is done for now.

anyways thanks for understanding 🙂

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Life and its Choices

Its been awhile since I posted, and it is for multiple reasons.  So in this post you will learn those reasons.  The main reasons were Teish and I were trying to figure out our relationship more, and in-depth.  Work has been kind of crazy and some days I just don’t feel like doing anything.  Lastly I did take a trip to Iowa to see my friends and family.

I am going to do this out-of-order, but its my blog so if you want to read it fine if not there’s the X sign.  Work has really been getting rougher and rougher lately.  I remember why I quit being a server before and now its hitting again.  Do I think I am good at what I do, yes hands down, you can ask mostly anyone, I have been doing it for years.  So why I quit serving first time was because it really does take a toll on you mentally.  When you start working doubles it really does drill ya down.  For me I can do it for about 10 hours straight but after that my baby side really starts messing with me, let me explain.  Around the 10 hour mark of talking and multi tasking I start getting really bad at paying attention and I feel like regressing hardcore.  Again this is just me, and it is tough sometimes after that mark because it gets to the point where I just don’t know what to do.  So far I have maintained composure and yes probably do need some therapy, but that s just how it goes.  It hasn’t helped the last couple days something has been wrong with my stomach or something and trying to serve gets even tougher.


Second reason its been a bit is I went to Iowa.  Feb15-18 I went to Iowa to see my friends and family.  Let me tell ya, it was an eye opener.  After working a 16 hour shift I decided to wait till the morning to head out.  I ended up having bad GPS and went the Chicago way, right in rush hour.  I made it and first thing I did was going to my old stomping grounds, to go pick up my mom and say hello to a lot of old co-workers.  After that I took my mom home and got picked up by my two best friends Nathaniel and Cat.  We went out to eat and just talked for a bit.  Cat even wore an Elmo shirt, made me laugh.  At about 9PM Cat went back to be with her new boyfriend dan.  I was kind of in shock, but its good to see she has someone like him.  Nathaniel and I went to the movies and went to see Hansel and Gretel, really good movie by the way.  After that he said he had a big plan for me tomorrow and we went to bed.  Knowing tomorrow I would not see Cat till around 3PM I figured Nathaniel had the whole day planned.

Still good friends even after a big move

Still good friends even after a big move

Well I woke up bright and early ready for him.  10AM, 11AM 12, 1PM……….Oh he over slept.  It’s ok because I got to hang out with my sister and watch movies.  He finally makes it over and we go and see our good friend Becca.  She is doing really well for herself and stuff seems to becoming better and better for her.  Cat finally makes it by and I throw somewhat of a tantrum, because of how she was basically hanging with dan, over the person that came to stay for a couple of days.  We end up going bowling and I really see that she is falling for this kid.  I then was wondering how this was going to affect our relationship as friends.  After bowling we all went to go get pizza and hang out.  I found out why she liked this guy.  Dan in a lot of ways reminded me of me, and we had a lot in common.  So after the boring gaming talk and such they decided to head in for the night.

Nathaniel and I decided to start playing this new game, Dominion.  We played till about 12, 1 in the morning.  Sunday hit, and I was kind of feeling down, and missing how it was before her boyfriend.  So my dad cheered me up and we went to our tradition, Mongolian Grill.  This place always makes me laugh because you always find food that you really don’t know what they are.  We chatted for around 3 hours and had fun.  In between this Cat finally figured out why I was down for the day.  Her new boyfriend dan understood where I was coming from.  So sunday night was a little different, after some more gaming with Nathaniel we went to go hang out with my good friend Tay and Cat.  We ate, and I had a good talk with Tay.  After that I went to go to my old work place and got to say hi to a lot of old friends.  Monday morning hit and I got to go to Hickory Park and hang with Nathaniel and Cat and we ended on a good note.  So all in all the trip went pretty well just was unexpected.


Got my Vday gift from Teish!

Got my Vday gift from Teish!


Lastly Teisha and I’s relationship.  We have been on an observing basis and after I got back I really felt that Wisconsin was my new home.  Couple days after I got back we went to hang out and right before I took her home, we cuddled in the car and it hit me.  I really am falling for this girl.  I went seeking a family and cared for and have got a whole 360.  We did have a lot of ups and downs Jan. and Feb.  I did start talking to other places seeing if I was in the right place or not.  Who really knows if I am, but I am falling for this girl more than no other.  I don’t get babied all the time, but when I am with her it makes me feel so much better.  Even now she surprised me and is here with me.  So I really am trying to type quick and get off.  So I really was trying to figure out Cat in Iowa and how she was spending all her time with a guy she doesn’t know.  When I got back and Teish and I had that night to ourselves it hit me.  I would spend every day of every minute with her if I could.  I would however try to balance my friends in there also.  So as of now Teish and I are trying to figure out how the next months will go.  Right now I cherish any time I have with her adult or baby, because I do love her, and regardless of what will happen(which I think we are bothing falling in love) I will always love her.  Anyways bye for now, I will try to post soon, but for now I need to take care of Teish or vice versa.

Heres the Pic of Salem.  Love my kitty :)

Heres the Pic of Salem. Love my kitty 🙂

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The Love Story Continues, and Bubs plays more!

First off I want to say that I am sorry for taking long but with work, Teisha and I love life and baby mommy coming into play more and more it has been busy.

The first part is work and how things are adapting.  Couple days people started finding out about me and guess what, they didnt care.  I am sure some people are whispering here and there but not to me.  I have my friends still wanting to be my friends and even wanting to go see my crib….pardon the pun.  I even have one of them wanting a crib, which I found funny.  Most of the people at my work either find it cool, interesting or cute. I want to say I felt like I was going backwards when I started this job but think that it will be a bright new future.

I want this onesie/shirt

I want this onesie/shirt

The second part to this entry is Teish’s and I’s love life.  It has really started to develop more and more each day.  I don’t want to start sounding like a broken record but this is my blog to say what I want.  I love this girl to death.  I have a very bad insecurity of being alone, but when I am with her I feel complete.  We have had so many nights even some where it was only for an hour to watch a movie, but it really was fun.  The other big part I see to Teisha and I’s relationship is we are starting to act a lot alike.  Like a mix between me and her, and are getting some of the same corky sayings down.

Last part and probably the main part of this blog is the baby side.  I know I have written a lot about my life in general and this blog was for my baby side, but I have to go with what life gives ya.  Well as of late we have started to connect on a different level.  When I first got to Wisconsin I put up a barrier and was trying to hide my baby side and acting really grown up.  Which for me was unhealthy and ended up leading to being sad and stuff.  Well I took my barrier down about a month ago and she put one up, so I really had to figure out what was going on.

Well about 3 weeks ago we both let our barriers down and started really getting to know each other on the baby mommy level.  It started with just a night thing where I had got home from work and she had everything out and trying to regress me.  At this time she was being very careful not to upset me or go to quick per say.  So we had a little baby mommy time and than went to dinner and a movie then more baby time then sleep.  This was the start of both our barriers going down.  This is where I can truly say that I let my baby side come out in full swing.  When people ask me what my baby side is, its kind of me just being me.  I unlike a lot of adult babies am spoiled on the fact that I can basically be a baby when every I want to what degree I want.  So the adult side and baby side will go back and forth and Teisha is learning that too.  I will be playing with toys but then flip into wanting to watch something like CSI or want to go out to eat or cuddle and watch TV.  Which at the same time I am still in baby clothes still have my pacifier my sippy or bottle.  Still have toys everywhere but I switch back and forth.


One of the mats of toys she lays out for me

The reason I think I do this is because I do a lot of infantile things anyways.  Once at home if I am not already in a onesie I get in one or footies or some baby clothes.  I really don’t have cups I use sippy or bottles.  I have pacifiers across my house so I can just grab one, and If I told you how many baby toys I had you would flip.

A lot of adult babies just want that experience of it all.  Like playing with toys getting a diaper change, watching Sesame Street, roaming around all baby like is a big deal for them.  For me its an everyday thing, so I go in and out of it more so then someone who would pay for the service.

About two weeks ago Teisha started trying to get my baby side out more and more, to the point where she even set up a play mat full of toys and such.  I had just came home thinking she was at her place when in reality she was at my place and had a mat of toys out and was cooking supper.  At first I was kind of thrown back like, wow I am lucky.  Then she surprised me when she started using her Dom side.  right when I was getting on the couch to watch some tv she put the pacifier in my mouth and motioned me to the toys.  She started baby talk and I lost it and went into baby mode.

About a week ago I told her some of my trigger words that are from hypnosis or that I have learned in my head from the years past.  I sometimes wish I did not do this as she can really regress me anytime she wants now.  In a sense I like it though, and she loves it.  We really have unlocked the baby mommy relationship, with also having the girlfriend boyfriend relationship.  Couple days ago we had a day off together, which looks like we get that every week now.  We started the day kind of late but really regressed me down for a good four hours all the way.  She had a lot of baby toys out ready to be played with and oh did I have fun.  I then remember going to the high chair for food.  She gave me this pasta with chicken that was really good.  One thing she loves to do is mix up my drinks in my bottles or sippy, and it really makes my taste buds swing.  That night I had V8 fruit juice in there.  After making a mess and having fun in my high chair she let me play with my toys while she got my bath ready.  She changed me out of my clothes diapers and in the tub I went.  She does give me baths often as I think that is her favorite time.  I am starting to like some baths as I get to act like a krill.  I have been on this kick of acting like a krill from happy feet two, and its a lot of fun.

After bathing she gets me diapered up and in my new footies that you will see on here, they are cookie monster and warm.  She then will either watch a movie with me or put me down for night.  This night she let me watch some TV, then let me sleep.  In the morning she tossed me back in the high chair and we had some good chicken and biscuits.  After massacring the chicken everywhere I was changed and put in new clothes.  I believe at this time we went out to eat and had some good adult time together, where we went out to eat and watched movies and hung with each other.

That is a little view of what has happened in the past weeks, and I hope from the emails Teish and I got from people who this helps people on what they were wanting to know.  I love the emails and I do apologise for taking so long so I gave you a huge post with new pictures.

I do want to say that the background change and the main picture were changed because Teisha is in love with that picture for one, and two the zoe and elmo represents Teisha and I together.

I will leave this monster post saying that I love my life, and who knew that my life would be changed this much.

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What People Think They Know About Me

It has been awhile since my last post, but stuff has been very interesting lately.  I finally am on about the same exact schedule as my girl friend.  This is very exciting because we can do so much more together.  The main reason I am making this post is to clarify a couple of things that people think I am like, when in all reality they don’t know me.

First off people think that I put myself first for everything.  That it is my way or the highway.  That if I don’t get my way I don’t stay around.  Well people I am sorry to say but that is about as far from the truth as possible.  With my girlfriend, I always ask her what she wants to do.  If we are figuring out a place to go eat, I always ask her.  If it’s a movie, she gets to choose.  We actually went to a movie not to long ago, and I really wanted to see Looper.  She really wanted to see Batman.  GUESS WHAT!  I said, “babe you choose,” and we went to Batman.  We had a great time and I would have went to magic mike even and been just fine because I was there with her.  It wasn’t about the movie it was about being with her.  Just the other night I had off and she really wanted to eat at the place I work.  I was against it at first for other reasons, but then said lets just get the to go from that place.


The second thing I would like to talk about is people have in their mind that I am a baby all the time at home.  How wrong you are.  Right now I do have infantile traits when I am home or with my girlfriend but, total baby time is not that much.  When I say I have infantile traits, I mean stuff like I’ll be dressed in onesies diapers have a pacifier, sub continuously put my hand in my mouth and such like that.  The thing about this is, she loves it and we could be watching a movie as a couple.  We did have our first full baby thing but it was only for an hour, because I put her before me and we went to go see a movie and had dinner.  We are going to start a schedule soon where we have stuff more set in stone, to help both her and me, but I just want to tell people what you saw on TV is just that, television.  I have met some really neat people up in Wisconsin, including a new person I just met that I opened up to and he is a really cool person.

As far as my ranting goes I am done for now, I just don’t like being judged before a person actually meets me.  I know I have a very popular girlfriend in the AB world and they have so many misconceptions of me its crazy.  I love my girlfriend, and am preparing to step up to the plate after a bit here, and take it to the next level of love.  I go crazy when I don’t see her for a day, it drives me insane, but for now we live in two different places.  Even though we live two different places everything is coming together, and good things come to people who wait.  I am happy with where I am and would not change a thing.

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Mind has been spinning.

There are a couple reasons I have not posted on here till now.  One big reason is this stuff just got way to personal with how my life has been going.  I did move to Wisconsin had a lot of ups but a lot of downs also.  If I said all that was going on you would think I should be a reality TV show, its like nursery meets jersey shore.  Now that I have dangled the carrot to which you cannot get I will go to my subject for the day.

As an adult baby I have been doing the adult role way more lately when I moved ironically.  But a thing I would like to talk about it relationships with a AB.  It can be quite a task and not that many people are lucky to find a different gender partner for there needs.  I have been able to do this more so because I really like to grab what I want.  Right now I started my relationship in Wisconsin and it is interesting.  I really wish there was not a 5 hour gap in between my 3 good friends and that has caused me and our relationship a lot of trouble per say.

One thing I can say for sure, when I was searching for a family I really would have probably been back in Iowa within the first month, so I am happy I found something more than just a family.  I hope in time we will both get to know each other inside and out but one thing is for sure I really love this girl.  I have literally been trying to do everything for her with me second.  I know a lot of people might find that funny but its true.  So having a AB for a boyfriend or girlfriend can be really tasking when moving places.  Getting friends you both like is tough also,

But number one for an AB relationship with someone is be on a similar schedule.  I moved up here and am on exact opposite schedules and it tares us apart sometimes.  We can’t really do too much because when I am up and feeling squirrelly she is tired and sleepy, and vice versa.  So to get rid of this I am starting a new job soon.  Another big thing for me at least, even though I have a crib I don’t sleep in it too much right now and even when I will I still will want my nights cuddling with my girl friend.  The next big thing is to set a schedule. A lot of people including me need schedules to keep them on task.  This stuff I said is in the works for me but it really can help those relationships out.

I am sorry I really don’t have a huge blog post today just kind of wanted to give you a heads up of whats going on.  I wish I could say how and what is going on but I am respecting my girlfriends wishes.  I will post more soon but for now that’s all I got.  I see that a lot of people have been viewing this page so thought id give you something new to look at.


Laterz for now, time to go watch a movie with the GF.

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Home of the Cheese Heads

Well it has been some time again since I last posted and really nothing I could do about that.  Between being really REALLY busy and the fact of having no internet for days, it made it so I could not post.

So I made the move with a lot of people thinking I was not going to go through with it.  I now live in the great state of Wisconsin.  The days before the move were very emotional and the attachments I had to some people really hurt to say good-bye.  I to this day still call my friends regularly as it’s still and adjustment up here.  I had saved up around a month and half of money and still used it all when going to Wisconsin.  I got all my stuff in the truck and tears started hitting my eyes, a lot was going through my head, as I loved this girl in Wisconsin but could I really give everything up in Iowa.  Well After saying goodbye to all my friends and many tears later I was off.

After getting up there and hanging with Teisha constantly I knew we were doing good.  We really had to figure out and still are figuring out how everything is going to work with money and such.  We have had a lot of obstacles in our way including cable and internet not getting hooked up forever.  Through thick and thin we are still doing pretty well.  I have a lot of adjusting to do as I have my nursery set up but really have not been in there too much.  It’s a part of me that needs to adjust to be happy and I am getting there it is just taking time.

Really a funny part to this whole event is how grown up I really have been acting.  I have been really putting forth my adult side more so than baby side right now for some reason.  I am confused myself but it will all fall into place soon.  I got the xfer at my new job and they love me there, I tend to work very hard when I am at a job, sometimes to the point of working to hard.  Right now I am taking it one day at a time and a lot of stuff is happening.  Teish and I are starting a babysitting service for adult babies and I want to start my clothing line if I can find the right people.  Right now the hardest part for me being in Wisconsin is missing the people I left.  The thing about it is though, I will get to hang with them soon and probably will make lots of trips back just because of the connection I have with my friends and family and I really don’t want to lose that.

As far as friends go up here, I have some work friends and then I have 1 outside friend so far and am still just adjusting and trying to figure Teish and I out.  Well that’s pretty much my update for now I have so much going through my mind its crazy but since people have not got to see pictures of stuff lately I am going to flood this post with some for ya.

Take care and always remember 1 day at a time.


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Couple more weeks!

Again I will apologise as there really is no pictures I have at this time.  This will all change when I move over to Wisconsin.  Speaking of I went to Wisconsin for labor day.  It was more getting stuff done then a vacation.  We arrived around 5 O clock on Sunday.  My dad wanted us to have a dinner with the family, so we had chicken.  After that Teisha got lost and finally made it up to my grandparents and we went out for dessert at applebees.  After that she drove back down to her place and I went to bed.  Monday was going to be a very busy day.  I woke up and hung out with my family for a bit but was actually going to have an exciting day.  Teisha arrived and we got to go meet the mother.  She made her mom to be this scary person that would not accept me, well it went quite the opposite.  We went to Olive Garden and had a very nice meal.  We talked about everything and her mom actually liked me.  Then after we dropped her mom of I had to go meet the best friend.  She just so happened to be a Chuckie Cheeses.  I could see in time, this person and I getting really close.

After all this was said and done We decided to go back to her place and figure what we wanted to do the rest of the day.  Well it just so happened that we needed to go back to my grandparents house for labor day dinner.  We had some awesome burgers then watched some movies.  Never let my mom choose movies……..enough said.  But after the movies we just relaxed in the room and talked and then she went home for the night.

Tuesday she came up again and took me back over right away as this was supposed to be my day to get a transfer in my job.  Well I had called ahead and already talked to each of them which I was just getting the run around.  So we decided to go to her house and her mom needed some stuff at one of the stores.  Well we got there and I basically said, what the heck and went to the back found the store manager and got a job offer on the spot.  If you reach for something in life you will succeed whether its like that or some other way.  If you don’t try nothing will change.  So now that I have Teisha freaking out that I got the xfer we decided to get some pizza.  The place we went the service and food were beyond awesome.  When we were there we talked about a ton of stuff.  If you look at this whole time I had to put my big boy pants on because of first impressions and my grandparents house.

The only thing really baby that happened were a couple diaper changes and a baby blanket taken along with us.  So anyways we decided to go to a movie.  We went to Abraham Lincoln the Vampire Slayer.  Brought the baby blanket in, glad we did it was cold.  The movie was actually really good.  After that she took me to Target because she said she saw this footsie pajamas.  Well I am worse than a girl when it comes to clothing, well baby clothing.  So we went there 10 minutes before it closed to get one.  I got these cute sharks and it looks adorable.

After all of this we kissed good night and she went home again.  I had to go back the next day and actually work that night.  It sucked because I really wanted to stay there, but I knew I would be back there soon.  Now we have a successful transfer.  Money down on my Apt.  And 3 days left of work before the move starts.  My life and this blog will really change in a little bit as it will be a lot different.

I will keep you guys posted, but until then I will leave you with one thing.

Reach for your dreams, anything is reachable if you have the ambition to go for it.

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Lots happening!!!

Well first off I have been away from my computer and focusing on adult things lately.  I have a lot going on with my work and such.  I have learned that some paths are not for some people and we all need to figure out what that is, and when we do we never have to work a day in our lives.  So the past month I have been very busy with work and trying to get a xfer and such to make the move easy.  I have also been busy with a couple other things.  One thing that I have been doing is talking to a person that can make AB clothes and she has a lot of potential.  As far as the baby part of me goes right now it has almost been put on pause.  I have anxiety like no other having all my stuff locked up and in storage.  I have been sleeping in a bed, eating a lot of regular food and staying busy in work life.  I have been very stressed and lately and its been pretty crazy.  I have found out that I can live with my grandparents for a bit, to get ready for my move to Racine or where ever I go.  I have really been thinking into that also and really want to start that new chapter of my life.  So anyone in Wisconsin area I probably would love to meet and hang.  I have decided on a couple pretty big things once I get there.  Now that my scatter brain thoughts are out there I will go into some structured conversations.

First off my stuff being locked up and what that is doing to me.  I work around 40 plus hours a week as a manager.  I have thought bout this and the stress level is pretty high but I do try to do my best every day I am there.  So after my work is over I usually go over to Cats, yes cat and I are still good friends.  I have also been living there with my GF mommies permission.  One thing is that I love my mom sister to death, but I can only take so much and wonder how my dad doesn’t go insane.  So when I am at Cats I sleep on a bed.  One thing that really gets to me is not having my crib.  For years I slept in that thing and it was cozy and kept me secure.  I think that my anxiety is through the roof right now because of this.  I also have not had my high chair or toys really.  I really do miss this structure in my life and can’t wait to get it back once in Wisconsin and settled down.  The only stuff I have right now is pacifiers and diapers and baby clothes and really when you have been as far as I have this is not much.  Sept. 21st is my last day at work and its coming up pretty quick.  As far as going to Wisconsin that is Oct 1st, and I am scared and excited.  This next week I go up there for Labor day and to see if I can get my transfer then and there.  Also the two other main things are I get to see Teisha and I get to see my grandparents and aunt uncle and others.  It is pretty crazy but I also get to meet Teisha’s mom and first impressions are crazy.

Second big thing that I have been thinking about is businesses.  I have decided I really want to start my own business with my GF/Mommy.  We have talked about this a bit, but I have always wanted to help adult babies be themselves and not be ashamed of who they are.  The first thing I would do after I am settled down and have my own place is start a nursery for adult babies.  It will cost some but people can have the time of there lives and get what they have only dreamed of.  Many adult babies are scared about who they are or are very hidden.  What I would like to do is help people accept themselves as I have basically billions of people who know bout me and I either get two reactions.  “That’s cute, or that’s good your accepting of it.”  I get recognized quite a bit and to this day I havent had one person make fun of me or anything.  The way I look at it is, I drink bottles you drink beer.  I wear onesies you wear suites.  I wear diapers you wear boxers.  I play watch baby type things you do other.  The main point to what I just said is we all have different things we do and just because society is one way doesn’t mean you have to be the boring normal.  I would love to have trips with other adult babies to zoo or somewhere.  The other thing to this is I think that I can help adult babies get to their inner baby, and Teisha can help daddies and mommies be better at that.  The other big business I have thought about is getting my clothing designers together to make a brand name and to really go the next step for adult babies.  I know me for one would love to see onesies just like baby ones and clothes just like baby ones.  When I say this I mean down to the tee not just a design from a fabric store.  I have to get a hold of some people but I am sure I can do this and this would be fun.  Lastly I am going to look into getting some diaper company, I don’t know how but my dream is to get some diaper company to give something like sesame street or some baby character to the adult diaper industry.  Maybe a made up one that could be the icon adult baby character.  Some stuff to really think about.  I think that ABuniverse is in the right direction with the new generation of adult babies and such with the cloth like outer shell.  I would Like to see some different designs but they are so far ahead of others its nuts and I am happy even though the prices are high that they have this.  Ok now that you have seen my DL side(diaper lover), and that’s basically the extent of that side which is pretty mild.  So once I get settled in Wisconsin I will start moving on some of these.  The first and foremost is to start a AB nursery and get that started.

Lastly and not least……………………….TEISHA.  I swear we were meant for each other.  I have said this over and over that I fell in love when I wasnt looking for that.  I cant wait to get up their and watch our relationship fly.  I have a lot of people doubting me but they don’t get the connection we really do have.  When I first started talking to Teisha she started putting a smile on my face that I had not have for quite sometime.  The thing that people don’t realize is that I have been more adult than baby with Teisha.  You can ask her and it has been wierd.  People think of me as a gurgling 2-year-old after doctor phil.  I do have that side but I also have a very developed adult side.  Are there infantile traits still, yes.  Teisha was telling me yesterday that we have been being very adult lately.  I told her that I don’t roleplay on phone or anything.  To be honest I don’t roleplay I just be myself.  If I was myself on the phone I would either eat the phone or throw it.  So even teisha really has not seen the baby part of me for a while.

Leads me to the last part of this huge post.  Cat has probably kept me sane.  From this day even she does not treat me any different than she did when we were dating.  I really do have to thank her for doing that for me because with out that I might be in a loony bin right now.  Anyways main thing is Wisconsin is happening and it is happening quick!!!   I get to start a new, see my relationship with Teisha fly, and start my businesses to make me have more time to be myself at home.  With that I do apologise for not posting more, been quite busy.  I also apologise for the book with no pictures.  I will tell ya once I get to Wisconsin that this blog is gonna change quite a bit and will be more baby life day by day then anything.  God works in mysterious ways and who would have thought that Dr.phil would hook us up, which is what happened LOL.

Anyways leave you with this, keep your head up reach for your dreams, and once there don’t stop keep going to the stars.

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